Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

A day to honor our men and women and uniform.     Coming from a family with some military as well as first responder ties (father-in-law, half-brothers, aunt, niece, son, friends) I know Memorial Day is more that a day for picnics or the 'start' of summer.   We also must remember to appreciate the sacrifice of those in uniform and their families make so we can live this life of ours.

 I took a little drive by our county's Veteran's Cemetery yesterday to sit and reflect a few minutes during the hustle and bustle of errands.   So peaceful and so thankful to these men and women.

 I confess, these photos are not from yesterday.   Since it was an unplanned stop, I didn't have my camera.   The scene yesterday was the same (except for overcast skies) as it was when I took these several years ago.

After my reflection and giving thanks, I took advantage of being home alone on a holiday weekend.   See, the thing is, no one calls to bother you because they are all doing family things.   With Mr. W. at Drum Corp, I was able to catch up and get my plants in.

 I started with this wire planter that sits out front.  I like to pick three or our flowers in complimentary colors and  mixing up the pairings in the different pots.   This year's choice is fuchsia geraniums, coleus, creeping Jenny and purple snap dragons.

They all appear a little skimpy for now but they will fill in in no time.  

It's ashame the camera can't catch what I see.....all the colors when I look at the yard from the pool deck.

 I lined all the pots up to make it easier for Mr. W. to water them since I am heading out early tomorrow morning for some grandbaby time.  Hopefully they will survive Mr. W.'s  neglect and I will place them on the deck and porch when I return.

 For stitching, I finished up the binding on a string quilt I assembled in January or February of this year.

My daughter taught me there are no rules for a quilt back and I like playing with my scraps.

 For cross stitching,  I am working on a free pattern sent to those of us attending the Prim Stitchers Retreat in Harrisburg.  If we bring this completed pattern and fabric, Carolina Stitcher with make us a project bag.   How can we not stitch it!   Retreat starts Thursday and I know I will get this completed.   The design from Beth Seal of Summer House Stitch Workes.   I used the colors from the pre-work piece I am working on for the class I am having with her later this summer.

 So that wraps up my week.  I am sure there with be treasures galore to share next week after the Prim Stitchers Retreat and since I usually start  new piece when I go on a retreat and since I didn't start anything new the last three times.......this could be the time.  Stay tuned folks and keep on stitching!

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Stasi said...

Have fun with the grandbaby--see you the end of the week!