Bucket List

I think it is time I start one of these.....so here goes, my silly simple list of things I'd like to do in no particular order.

  1.   Go whale watching
  3.   Take a Viking River Cruise through the Fjords of Norway
  4.   Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  5.   Take a hot air balloon ride
  6.   Do a zip line
  7.   Take a Mississippi River Boat cruise
  8.   Scuba dive
  9.   Visit wine country....California or New York.  8/20/16
10.   Vacation in Key West
11.   See a medium or physic.  8/26/15
12.   Learn to paint with watercolors
13.   Spend a week at the John Campbell School in Brasstown, NC
14.   Take photography lessons
15.   Ride in a limo ride somewhere. 8/21/15
16.   Visit Las Vegas 10/6/16

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