Saturday, November 21, 2009

Really enjoying the comments

I have taken the time this morning while I wait for the plumber to re-read your comments on my Blogoversary post.  Thankfully nothing serious as what I have read some of you are experiencing with flooding basements, etc.   Just need the periodic snaking of the drains.

I have followed up with some posts, some I still have to.   I am visiting each of your blogs - if you have one - and I am enjoying my journey.   Happy week and blogging to all and Happy Thanksgiving to all the US followers. is my favorite holiday.   No pressure, no expectations.....just all those wonderful smells, family, food and laughter.  To the left...Norman Rockell's adaptation if he were a redneck!  Sorry, no offense intended. I thought the beer and paper plates were something likely to show up on a table or two.

Plumber has arrived....hopefully he will be quick and I can get off to Kohl's for some earlybird shopping.

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