Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crafters are just the nicest people

Pardon the pun
but crafters are cut from a different cloth to be sure.  We have all known that friend or member of the women's club that has a recipe that we compliment.  What happens when you ask for the recipe?   Does she offer up her prize winning secret for her apple pie readily?   There may be promises of a recipe.  And sometimes you get the recipe but your version doesn't quite measure up when you prepare it.   Maybe an ingredient or step missing?  We all have suspected that.  Well, crafters are not the same.   A crafter loves to share her treasures, her websites for favorite stores, her trinkets, her joy in her craft, her techniques, her help, her time, her methods, her favorite store, her wisdom and her stash (well maybe I got carried away; maybe not her stash! lol).  

This is not limited to stitchers.   Crafters in general take so much pleasure in what they do that they want others to have the same pleasure and jump at the chance to share.   It just comes natural to us.   We know the effort that has gone into a project and we appreciate with a keener, non-critical eye.   We look on in awe and wonder.  Why, because we are not competitive.  Not competitive with each other but rather take pleasure in others success and accomplishment with a given craft. 

I am on this roll because of a RAK from someone I don't even know.    Let's see if I can explain......back to the purchase and gifting of the Big Shot dye cutter I bought my daughter for her birthday.   Since she was home for a visit, I gave it to her early.   She opens and I find out she already had one so I got to keep it.  (Yeah!)  When she returned home, she went to her card stamping group and was telling the demonstrator about my birthday gift to her.   Her demonstrator was all over it.   She emailed me "how to's", ideas, and more just so I could get the most out of my purchase which I had not even made from her; she was eager to share her crafting knowledge with me!   She sent me the latest catalogs in the us mail and some cards she made as well.    I did nothing but leaf through the catalog earlier tonight.   I turned down pages of must haves, like to haves, and neat ideas. 
Look at the trees on the left page of the catalog!  Too cute.   Now look at Selene's card.   Who'd of thought to put blue and purple together for a Christmas card?  Too pretty.     I love the Stampin' up papers.  Their colors are so pretty.   Check out the little gift card envelope Selene also included.   I feel like I want to stamp all day on Saturday and make a ton of cards!  Selene has already offered a girl's night of stamping the next time DD#1 and I visit DD#2.    Check out Selene's blog.   She has great ideas and easy to follow instructions.   I may even have to use her as one of Santa's Elves to help me with my Christmas shopping. 

On the stitchy side - I picked up my framed Jeannette Douglas Pineapple Stitches.   Had to take the shot at that angle to not have a big old glare spot!   The outer mat is in the olivey family and the inner mat is purple!  The framer was surprised that I wanted to see the purple until we laid it next to the piece.   He said he hadn't even seen the purple stitches until we placed the mat.   I wanted something different.   I am not sure where I am hanging it.   I had plans to line the walls of my dining room with samplers but since my stitching has to be as slow as blue mud that will never happen. 

(look at all the page corners I have turned in the Stampin up catalog Selene sent me!)

Blogoversary! - I will be putting all the names in the hat on Turkey Day and letting you know who the winner is by the end of the day!   Good luck all....down to the wire on getting your name in the hat.


Carol said...

I agree, Robin--crafters are wonderful souls. I've learned so much from my first year of blogging through my new friendships with fellow cross stitchers... Really inspiring to look at the different blogs, too, isn't it?

Casa Pearl said...

I agree! Crafters are just kinder than others seem to be - maybe an extra gene we get with birth? I'm sure you will craft some wonderful things with your die machine.

Meari said...

Your framed piece is beautiful!

Confusion here... What are the turned pages?

Congrats on your RAK. I agree, crafters in general are wonderful people!

Bev said...

yes we crafters are wonderful!! lol

beacsue we know that each peice we give or recieve has taken many hours of work and that money can not buy things like that

thats why we all deserve a pat on that back!

Karen said...

I love Stampin Up too. Been years since I have seen their catalog but I love the Big Shot! Will definitely check this one out.

Kim said...

Your Pineapple Stitches is very beautiful and framed perfectly! Stitchers are very generous and I love to read all of the stitching blogs. Thanks!
kimberlybreid @ hotmail dot com