Thursday, November 19, 2009

What happened when I dozed off?

I worked late a couple or three nights in a row.  That is not so bad but I also went in early all week.   So I put my feet up with my stitching and DWTS on......I remember watching the re-cap of the prior night but that is all I saw.   I woke up all sore and twisted, no stitching accomplished and 11 o'clock news  or something on TV but no Dancing with the Stars.   Imagine my surprise when that next day I hear one of those between show ads that Joanna Krupa was eliminated.  What is up with Joanna being voted off DWTS?   I thought she was awesome....but I am also tone deaf and never can remember words to songs or who sings them so I don't exactly possess a lot of validity when it comes to judging the performing arts.  But she was good!  I really thought it was between Mya and Joanna for the win.   I anticipated Donny or Kelly being eliminated.   I just love listening to Kelly talk and I think she has come a long way during the competition and was hoping she would be able to continue.  Is it my judgment or was this a shocker?  So more TV drama....what's up with Oprah?  Week after week you watch TV and it is the same old thing but BAM! miss a few days and sh&$ happens.

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