Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally decorating

It has nothing to do with the season but I always seem to have every minute of every day planned.   Add the holiday press and it all is exascerbated!  Love that word.    Just like a-pplic-a-ble.  At any rate, some decorations up and rest to finish.   My Byers dolls are arranged, stockings are hung, my kitchen christmas tree is done and all the other boxes for all the other decorations are out of the garage attic and in living room.   I used that touch it once method and brought in 3 or 4 boxes, making complete use of all their items and returning the empties to the garage.   Decorating has involved that grand sweep of picking up throughout that house and returning things to their rightful place.    The touch it once method went out the window about 3/4 of the way through but it did allow for great progress.  At least my mess is consolidated to the kitchen table top of odds and ends.  Hopefully I can get it all done early enough to head to my daughter's in Philly late this afternoon/early evening.   We are going Christmas shopping together tomorrow.  And in her mind she thinks I should come up tonight for stitching and cosmopolitans.  Pretty smart girl. 

For the ornament exchange with non-stitchers at work, I did come up with something.   I am making a humbug with the Steelers logo on it.   The recipient is a non-stitcher but a major Steelers fan.   I think it is something I can whip out rather quickly and should know tonight if I have a snowflakes chance in you know where of finishing it before I head out shopping tomorrow.   Here is my mock up.....not to worry the recipient is not a blogger nor a stitcher; she has other talents.   She won't see this.   I guess I did alright because Mr. Wonderful came in the back door and said....."that's a Steelers logo"!    As an Eagles fan, he was pretty indignant.  I will have to do a little Merry Christmas and the year on the back.      I want to start it right now but I will refrain since I have another Christmas tree to put up and decorate....not to mention all the presents (and stuff!) sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting to be carried upstairs.    Stitching will have to wait to Philly tonight. 

Have a good sunday all!


SparkCrafted said...

so, what you're saying is we should only have cosmos AFTER you finish stitching, not before or during???

Robin said...

Well maybe if we just sip our drinks like ladies and not the sailor cursing, liquor drinking, nasty be-otches we sometimes are, we can drink and stitch.