Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wow-wee What a great day....

First I stitched for a couple of hours.....always the preferred way to start the day.   Here is my progress on the six and final side of my etui.   This is the top.....

Our guild meeting was in part devoted to how to finish the etui.....this is going to be a daunting task.  Making it even more difficult is the little detail  that I put my assembling instructions someplace so safe that I can't find them.   Thank heavens for my stitching friend Pat.   She is copying the assembling instructions and will give them to me at our Secret Squirrel Stitchers get together (that is not the real is the name Mr. Wonderful gave the group)  

So we all know that leads to two scenarios......first I will most assuredly find my finishing instructions on Friday right where I put them.    Second, it lead me to a craft sort this afternoon after I got home.   I was so sure I would find  my instructions so I had to look.  It didn't find them but it lead to more purging.   I did some kitting up of some NBS (never been started).   I know I will never get to some of the older patterns and I am thinking I will have to come up with some sort of giveaway once I get my extras in some sort of order.   So it was a good thing to have to look for directions and to thin out the stash at the same time.  It is also fun to rediscover your stash! 

Next, my little step-grandson stopped over on his way to his Blue and Gold Cub Scout Dinner.   I had never seen him in his uniform so of course that meant photos.  He is really enjoying Cub Scouts.   Many thanks and much appreciation to all those troop leaders out there. 

My husband did an upgrade to my laptop and it is running faster than ever and all spiffy with Windows 7. 

At my guild meeting today, I got my first copy of Inspirations.   WOW  What a great magazine and worth every penny.   I just did the first quick once over and know I will really enjoy looking at this magazine again and again.   It is a definite keeper. 

And now for the one SAL I can keep up with......the TUSAL or Totally Useless Stitch Along.  Here is my new moon status of my ort jar. 

And lastly, I did some greeting card making. I sat at the dining room table and assembled while my husband works on my laptop. Quality time!

All before dinner and more stitching time! 

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stitchinfiend said...

Your etui is going to be stunning. Don't you hate it when you can't find thing. I LUV the Inspirations magazine - besides great project they photograph them so beautifully.