Thursday, February 11, 2010

A reprieve! Yah!

We got the call the offices are closed again today.   Not to worry, I will earn my salary doing the work I brought home and everyone knows you can get 3 times the amount done at home without the interruptions. 

I have re-shoveled the driveway from the drifts.....which was not too bad.   I wanted to get it done before the sun hits that side.   And yes, I still think it is awesome and beautiful.   I say phoo-ey to the naysayers and ask they consider Mother Nature's alternatives......mudslides, tornatos, earthquakes!  or Mother Nature assisted electricity.   Like I said, it is all in perspective!    and from my perspective, things could be a heck of a lot worse.......besides have you ever seen a sky so blue that is makes your eyes hurt? 

Yesterday I baked homemade cinnamon buns using Ranae's  recipe.  Ummm Ummm good!.  

I also stitched and am oh so proud to share the completion of the last side of my etui. As you can see I still have some to go on the top....but hope to get some of that done today.
I have the timer on so I don't get carried away with the blogging, the emailing or the work......I figure stitch an hour, work an hour, other stuff an hour and do the circuit again.   That way something gets accomplished on all fronts and I don't feel bad for devoting too much time to one and not the other.   Yes, I know a strange way to look at it......but it is like the saying about how do you eat an bite at a time, that's how.   

Also, did a bit of reading yesterday on the Kite Runner!  Loving it. 


Mel said...

mmm... cinnamon buns. :)
Wow, snow, glad you are able to stay at home and still be productive.

Carol said...

It's so nice to have a "snow day," isn't it, Robin! Looks like you've been doing all of my favorite things: stitching, baking, and reading... Pretty pieces, yummy rolls, and great book!

Blu said...

Your Etui looks great! Can't wait to see it finished.
Those cinnamon buns look yummy!

Catherine said...

I agree! As much as I am ready for spring - I know things could be worse!

Ranae said...

The stitching looks great.
O.k. seeing them cinnamons buns makes me want to go bake another batch, lol
I think the timer thing is a fab idea.