Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Small Changes - Week 15

Well folks, it is not because I don't have a list of things that I still want to add to my small changes but I do need to reflect and check my status of all the Small Changes I posted that I wanted to make.

Let's see -
Week 1 - Eliminate Sodas - I have only had 3, maybe 4 in 3 months!
Week 2 - Watch what I eat - Although I have been, it has not resulted in any weight loss.   I think I eat the wrong things. 
Week 3 - Take my rx's and vitamins regularly - Rx's is happening, not so good with the vitamins since I am not suppose to take them when I take my rx.   I will work on this.
Week 4 - Learn to say No - I just did again this week!  I told the Manager of HR I did not want to teach a class to other employees on Word 2007.  Trouble is I don't think he believed me!  I need to tell him NO firmer.
Week 5 - Review - that's what I'm doing now!
Week 6 - Log into my online banking regularly - doing it!
Week 7 - Drink more water - doing it!  I buy citrus fruit and put a slice in my water from a different fruit each day.  My fav is pink grapefruit.  
Week 8 - Put labels on my posts - doing it!
Week 9 - Sit and eat breakfast - doing it!
Week 10 - Take a deep breath before speaking - Doing it! Wow, now that I hesitate before replying I actually come up with some intelligent answers.
Week 11 - Update my filing system - Well I am thinking about it.   Seems to be the wrong time of the year.   I want to be outside!
Week 12 - Read the paper each morning - when I can find it!  When I can't I take 5 minutes to read my current book.
Week 13 - Cross things off that to-do list - Really trying to get this done.   Working on some long lost WIP's that I hope to be able to take off the list soon as well as some household projects.
Week 14 - Floss daily - I can't believe I am doing this.   How quickly this one became a habit. Takes no time at all.
Week 15 - See Week 5!

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Catherine said...

Looks like you are doing a great job on the small changes - keep it up!