Sunday, April 11, 2010

The old adage....ask a busy person...

EDIT WITH WIP INFO at the end for those who asked.

well I am that busy person.   I have taken over the Treasurer's position for one of the groups I belong to.   I have been wading through the jumble of papers since I received them Wednesday night.   I know everyone has their own method but to me, the papers were really a jumble.   I am putting everything in Quicken.   My prediceasor (sp??) was using Quicken as well but I want to start fresh going back to January 1.   I need to make sure everything is categorized in a sensible way to make it easier for when we do our final report on our grant as well as when we apply for our next year's grant  money.   In defense of the former Treasurer, she is new to our organization, has not worked with our grant before and just was named the president of another organization.   hmmmm, seems to bring back the memory of when the kids were in school and you saw the same few parents, sometimes in different roles and sometimes not, at the Soccer meetings, the Boy Scout meetings, the Yearbook meetings, the PTA meetings, the Project Graduation meetings.   You get the idea.  It is always the same few to seem to be the doers. 

I have been trying to tick and tie the paperwork and enter the info into Quicken. After a couple of hours, I relented and my other passion spoke to me......the great outdoors.  All the leaves are rakes and ground cover is ready to grow.
Big Fat Mr. Squirrel did well for himself over the winter. My pond!  I am amazed each year that the fish have made it through another winter.   Not bad for $1.99  Walmart fish.   
Some of my tulips!  These were from my parent's yard so they are special. 
A view down the side property line with my pond this side of the Xmas tree and Mr. Wonderful's Man Cave straight ahead.One of several arches we have erected over the years to mark the entrance into the woods and trails behind our house.Don't you just love the way the laundry smells after being on the line all day?  The camera just missed everything blowing in the breeze.And I have managed to stitch a bit but I am sure looking forward to my pj's and the return of Army Wives tonight.    This section with the four quilt like motifs is what appealed to me with this sampler.   I hope to have it complete by my guild meeting in May.  I'm close.  I'd better set up the DVR in case all the fresh air has me nodding off early.    Update for those who asked about the name of my WIP ......OK, so my WIP is a class piece from my Guild.   It is called Between The Sheets and was taught by Nan Tyson Euler.   She is from central PA I believe but I do know she teachs for EGA.  The class was two days and included all the supplies, linen, floss, etc., instructions on how to paint the linen at the bottom section where the house is stitched and a lecture on the history of the bedroom and its importance in the home. No no no....get your minds out of the gutter ladies!   It was all about how the bedroom was not private but rather a gathering place.   She shared a lot of historical info and anecdotes about the Germantown and Chestnut Hill sections of Philadelphia.   I enjoyed the class and have enjoyed the stitching the piece even more so now that I am getting closer to completion.   Anyway, check out the other photos by using the Nan Tyson Euler labels (now that my posts are labeled.)


Julie M said...

Beautiful pictures! Love your pond! The fish would never survive a Nebraska winter.

What is the name of you WIP?

Catherine said...

Everything looks good! Nothing beats line dried clothing!

Deb said...

Great pictures!! I love your WIP with all the different stitches in it! I'm interested in know the name of it too.