Sunday, April 4, 2010

Progress and great things to look forward to!!

Had a bit of trouble trying to change my header photo to one of Iris' from last spring so what you see is a HINT of spring! 

So here's my  progress on my Nan Tyson Euler sampler.   Had to do the teensiest bit of frogging on the upper left border where I made the corner  to start the border across the top.   Mis-counted somewhere along the left side and would not have had enough room to stitch the four quilt-like sampler motifs.  I sure am glad I had not completed the entire top border!    Thank goodness for small miracles.    Whew!    After finishing the row of stepped herringbone I was still not any bigger of a fan.  I thought all that messing about for not much of a show.  

Speaking of messing about!  makes me think of Len Goodman of Dancing With the Stars.  (DWTS)   I confess to being a big fan.  What's up with sending home Shannon Dougherty?   First and foremost my disclaimer that I could not even dancing if electrodes were attached to me to jolt me for the proper steps on a floor with numbered footprints so I give them all credit.   Shannon seemed to be enjoying herself and was no where near as stiff at Kate Plus 8.  Oh well, it is why I am not a judge!

Now for my Sewing Room Treasures, I have been stitching on it but I seem to jump all about.  There I go messing about again.   A lot of movement and not much substance! I need to stick to one section to complete it and be able to see more visable progress worthy of a photo! 

I had thought I might finish my SB April but I was torn between my love of the yard and my love of stitching.   Here's a peek and fingers crossed I can finish today! 

Next, my diet plan is not working so I have joined Weight Watchers.   It is the only diet my family physician supports and I know it works.   I have been telling myself I could do it on my own but alas, I accept I can not.    I can't go wrong with this!  It is at work at lunch time and as part of the wellness plan, the Company pays 1/2 of our 15 week fee!  Weeeeee!  See what I mean?  It would be silly not to sign up.

And last but not least for today, I have signed up for a 6 week quilting class.   I have sewn forever and had all the sewing classes in high school.   I made quilts for the kids when they were young.  But I did it without any training.   I just did what I thought was right.   You know the valuable tricks and tips you learn in a class?  That's what I am hoping to take away.   It will be fun every Tuesday night to look forward to it!  My daughter and I attended the AQS in Lancaster PA last weekend and I guess it got the creative juices flowing!

Happy Easter all and a great week for everyone.   Thanks for stopping by.


Mare said...

Oh I long to learn to quilt & I too made one ages ago. One of these days I will signup for a class or two. I took 2 singer sewing classes when I was 15 or 16 and that's the extent of sewing and needlework formal education.

Susan said...

Robin, I've found that quilting is a pretty "active" craft. You have to move from the cutting board to the sewing machine to the ironing board, so this fits right in with your Weight Watchers plan! Will look forward to seeing what you create.

Catherine said...

Sounds like you have been busy! Not too much stitching here - between baseball for the boys and getting my gardens cleaned up!