Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why are some weeks more hectic than others?

Stitching - Not much stitching going on here, or rather not much cross stitching.   Stitching of another kind has been happening.   My second quilting class - Yikes! - talk about precision!  The teacher is great but if we are off more than 1/32 of an inch we need to start over.    All the cutting, measuring, re-squaring, measuring and cutting again all before SEWING.  And then the sewing can but off.    Selecting fabrics was hard enough.  The work is tedious but the rewards are going to be great.   I am not a precise person.  I am organized, neat, anal and an overachiever but not precise.   Fortunately or unfortuately I have been sewing for years with the unfortunate part the potential for years of bad habits.  This is going to be a challenge.  But I am taking this class with two friends from work so it is all good.

Other Stitching - Sew I decided to whip up some cute little card wallets for the girls at work for Secretary's Week.   Here is the first one....still need to slip stitch and get the snap on.   It is too too cute.   I have a bunch cut out and ready to stitch up.   And still more fat quarters picked and ready to cut.    I hope they like them.

And even more Stitching -  I am so close on my Between the Sheets Sampler.   I just need some thread and needle and linen time.   Oops!  It is sideways!

Last week was a series of evening classes, evening meetings and dinners out so it was collapse on the couch time and get the DVR going to catch up when I finally found my way home.  Of course I was either too tired to stitch or promptly fell asleep in the upright position!

Weight Watchers -  Great numbers again this week.   Down 3 pounds.   Unfortunately I went on a food frenzy on Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.   Hopefully I am back on track today and will get in some treadmill time at some point today.  Between my schedule last week and my time being stretched to the limits and Mr. Wonderful being more like Mr. Crab-cake all week I fell into the old habits that helped add those pounds I so deparately want to shed.    I found a really easy reality check......when I sit at my dressing table in the morning (in you know, with next to nothing on) all I need to look to the right at the far end of the walk-in closet and see that ghastly reflection in the full length mirror and I vow - I don't want to look like and feel like that person I see in the reflection.  So today, lots of water, lots of movement.

And if there is not enough news on the stitching front -  I snagged a pattern off my wish list.  It was on back order from Stitching Bits and Bobs and I was excited to find it in my mail.   I have fancied this pattern for years but it seems like everytime I would try to pick it up, it was out of stock at my LNS.   But I have a twist, I want to sew the spools in a variety of pastels.  I have several Christmas pieces and would like to stitch this for my sewing room.  This is one I want to start on my retreat in May on Ocean City, MD so I'd better get moving on my gradulation sampler finish too because I won't start anything new until I have another many sew close!

SEW SEW SEW -  I am wasting precious good weather time outside ........messing about with the internet and blogville.


Catherine said...

Love all your goodies!! I really like your idea of using the pastels for the spool colors!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching and sewing projects! I love all the material you're using. YGG on the WW stuff!

Jennifer said...

You are so talented and have awesome projects there!

I've been on the internet for one reason or the other this weekend and didn't have my stitching mojo back but as I read inspiring blogs like yours I go back to my project!