Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Small Changes - Week 17

This week my small change it to learn to quit when I am ahead.     Hmmmm, brings up thoughts that I might have put my foot in my mouth or something.   Not quite to dramatic.   I seem to get involved in things and rarely include cleanup time when I am finished.   This creates the domino effect and puts me behind the 8 ball on the next task.

When in the yard working, I keep pulling weeds, trimming beds forgetting that I need a half hour to pick up those weed piles and put those tools away properly.   In the morning before I head for the shower, it is just one more row of stitches before I start to get ready for work.   Once I start, I realize it is not just showering and dressing, it is packing lunch and do dishes before I head out the door.

I need to better learn (better enforce!) the best stopping point.  No more......just one more stitch.  (Boo!)  (Disclaimer - photo is a webshot and not from my yard)

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