Sunday, May 23, 2010

I think you will all agree

half the battle of working on a project is having the space/place to do it.   You don't want to spread your sewing machine and fabric across the dining room table only to have to pick it up because the kids decide to come over to dinner.    To that end I have been working on my craft room.   This is the room I painted the first of the year and I am woeful to admit, I have not finished painting the trim yet.   I think the reason is because there is so much junk in there that it just seems like an ordeal to have to get to the trim.   So off I went today to tidy up a bit.  This had me going back and forth between the two empty (rather, unoccupied!) bedrooms upstairs trying to put like things together, move a shelf or too, yada, yada, yada.  Here is one little corner - almost complete.   I love my little dress form.   It is actual sold as a lawn ornament for the garden and for vines to grow on.   Mr. Wonderful thought it was something I was really going to use for fitting and wanted to know who I was sewing for that was that small!  Guys! Mr. W.  moved some shelves from the other room and  I threw some stuff on them in a hurry and in an effort to get them out of the way.   Oops!  Can't show anymore of the room because I am not done yet.    I need to get a couple of wrought iron towel bars to hang on the wall and throw tissue paper over one and hang my rulers and scissors off the other.......hmmm,  I see Ikea in my future. 

So here's another trick I have to share.   Can you imagine what these two erasers have to do with your sewing machine?    It may be hard to see the difference between the first shot of my sewing machine and the second, but trust me the little lift to the front makes all the difference when you are sewing.   I learned this little trick in my quilt class.  It gives you such a better visual on your presser foot and needle. 

And last, (a triple wa-hoo to no longer doing work from home) I am becoming a crafting slug.  I hate to admit, I am not even dressed yet today.   I have been putzing in my craft room, sorting fabrics, patterns, kitting up projects, playing with my stuff and a came across this eBay find.   This postcard is of one of the mills in Lowell Massachusetts where my daughter lives and works.   Her office is in one of the refurbushed mills, not this one but a similar one.  I took one of the lucite frames I brought home from work when they were giving them away last year.   When I took them I didn't quite know what I was going to do with them.......I wrapped the cardboard insert with fabric, centered the postcard and will put the lucite back on.   Viola!   I actually needed to take a few stitches in each corner so the fabric would stay in place and won't get all pushed out of place when I slide the lucite lid back on.  It will go in the mail to my daughter's office tomorrow.   She can put it on her desk or on her bookcase.....hmm, maybe I should have filled it will ground walnuts or something to make a paperweight.   



Hazel said...

What a gorgeous craft room. I don't blame you for slugging out in it. x

Meari said...

Your craft room looks good so far. Too funny about the dress form!