Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's missing in this picture?

Me!  These are my new chairs and my new favorite summertime stitching spot.   Mr. Wonderful - the man of sooooooo many words - even commented and suggested I get a couple more.   Well, I can only get two at a was hard enough fitting two in the back of a Prius.   Two guys in the parking lot suggested  getting  a saw from Home Depot to cut off the legs so I could get them in the back of the car which only made me more determined to get them in the car.   Between them is my new fern, Ike.   As I was driving home from Home Depot, I thought I need to name my fern!  I thought about Poindexter but then remembered one of my son's doctors called him Spikey Ikey for his spiked Ike it is!  My daughter has a fern about 4 times this size and his name is Bob!  He spends the winter in her dining I guess Ike will move inside in the fall.   Mr. Wonderful didn't quite understand the whole name the plant thing.   I explained that I don't plan to talk to Ike but if Ike follows in Bob's footsteps, he will take on a life of his own.......maybe it was too much sun for me yesterday.  And on the table..........another project I started!  What is up with that???  Do I have Crafters ADD or what?


Lisa said...

Love your new furniture. I'm a new reader here and just love your posts and projects.

Mel said...

Lovely new set-up! :)