Monday, May 31, 2010

So what is this Crafting ADD.........

Well I made a promise to complete some WIP's before starting anything new and I did manage to check a few things off my list and was thrilled with the accomplishment.    My first quilt........rather my first quilt constructed AFTER taking a quilting class.  I made my children each quilts when they were young and now after this class, realize it is all in about the need for precision.  For this quilt, I used the batting that when washed it *crinkles* to give the appearance of an old quilt.  I am not seeing as much crinkle as I expected but maybe because I line dried and didn't use the dryer.   I am happy with my results and am ready (fabric purchased) to start a queen sized for my bedroom .....but first to finish some things before a new start....famous last words.

I also have my son in law's graduation announcement 99% completed....I need to add the beads and it isn't something you want to do in the lunch room at work so I am totally justifying that! 

We all know my framing issue with the Between the Sheets sampler.......update - stopped by on Saturday morning to see if just by chance it was done.   It was not but the owner was very happy to give me the news it was fixed.   Such an attitude change from when I dropped it off and he was giving me the 'management' statement of blah blah blah linen stretching fabric blah blah.  

I rewarded my efforts with one new start - or so I said - and am pleased with my progress on the Blue Ribbon Design - A Little Quakeresque.   Not bad for three weeks.

but then I started to knit this start with 3 stitches and add one stitch to each row until you have 150 on your needle.  I have 55 stitches on my needles and pledging to knit a minimum of two rows each time I pick it up.  Once you bind off, you add fringe.   The photo does not do it justice and until the fringe is added things are kind of a lump.   A friend, Carol, has made several and shared the yarn - Lion's Brand Trellis - which of course they no longer make .... no fear I have my bids in on eBay.  Carol's completed shawls are gorgeous and this black and champagne will perfectly completion my black and champagne dress for my son's wedding in August. 

So to the wedding, I want to make a wedding sampler but with all the drama of on again/off again wedding last year (not their doing but mother of the bride issues) I just couldn't get my mojo into stitching one for them.   I first wanted to stitch a design that was ellaborate and all victorian and lacey looking.   The bride and groom are more streamlined and their taste gravitates towards Ikea and straight lines.   A friend had this booklet and I am happy with the simplicity.  Sorry, the brochure doesn't photo well.     I stitched an hour last night and almost have "become one" complete.   I think it will be a fast stitch.

So there you have it....another couple of starts each with deadlines.   I must like working under pressure.  

Lastly wishing a great Memorial Day to everyone .....a safe and happy holiday.   Last night as I locked doors and turned on step lights, I caught this view out the front door.   I thought to myself, this is what it is all about.   I am free to enjoy this type of beauty as I look from my front porch because of the sacrifice of others.   I am appreciative of the freedom and priviledges of being an American.  The sunset was beautiful and the camera does not do it justice.  
There's the first star!  Make a wish.


Jennifer said...

That is a beautiful quilt. I have bunches of fabric and am going to brave it and try myself one day. I just bought some fabbie to make a table topper like this, something smaller to start.
the sunset is beautiful. Have a great Holiday!

Feathers in the Nest

Meari said...

Your little quilt looks great. Love the first star pic :)