Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quilt Progress

My daughter came down on Saturday evening to spend the night - in prep for the Sunday afternoon Tea Room trip - and she helped me with the cutting for my Hokey Pokey quilt.   It was so much easier with her reading the instructions then it had been for me.....when I read them it was like, WHAT!   ........Huh?   ....I need to turn what where?      This is just my second quilt and I really don't read instructions well.......problem is I assume I know what the next step is.   'nough said!

We got the first cut on the first set of four fat quarters cut.   To start, you just use one half of what you cut.  One half of what you cut is labeled Left to Right and the other half is labeled Right to Left and put aside until later.      There are various twists and turns and cuts but I have managed to complete  36 of the 180 I need to do.   Sounds ominous but it is going really quick. I have been setting up my project the night before so each morning I can quickly - 15 minutes - sew the next step.   Not the quickest method but hey! if I were to wait when I could dedicated a couple of hours, it wouldn't happen.   I can steal 15 minutes here and there easily.   Looks like I am working on the darker shades.  I love the colors and they just don't appear as bright as they are.   I am excited about my progress.......with no plans for this to end in a WIP pile.

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SparkCrafted said...

omg, it looks great so far! it's really going to be a fun quilt, i think!!!