Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lincoln Tea Room

One of the stitching guilds I belong to arranged a Tea and Tour of West Chester PA.   I treated my daughter and we both enjoyed the day.   The Lincoln Tea Room so aptly named because it was the cradle of the Lincoln run for the Presidency.  It was so charming.   The staff was so very accommodating insisting on cups of water to carry on our walking tour and I haven't even gotten to the food.   The Tea Sandwiches - of course - were yummy as was the two types of tea and the scones and sweets after.

It was a lovely, relaxed, enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.   I knew there was history in Lancaster County PA but never knew that West Chester was so rich in it.  

The tour was a quickie since we were worried about the sky opening up with torrential rains.   (Pix to follow - I need my daughter to send them to me.   My first flash and my battery was dead on my camera! That'll teach me.)

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SparkCrafted said...

i'm working on those pictures! this week's been hectic at work, but i DID take advantage of having The Swede's car and went to Jules in Jenkintown for dinner tonight!