Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why does an upgrade usually make things less?

I went to the LNS near my office.   It is a tiny place but has always been full of fabric choices as well as pattern choices.   The thing I most loved about the store was the many many finishes they had displayed. In particular, were the non-framed finishes.   But yesterday when I arrived, I see their improvement....they have enlarged.   They are housed in the bottom floor of an old building in an historical section of town.  They shared the space with a stamping store and were divided by a pony walls of sorts.   (Is it still a pony wall when it is 10 ft tall but the ceilings are 15th tall?)   Anyway, their space has doubled and as usual their displays are well arranged and spot on.  A larger framing area is now located in the rear.  But..............there didn't seem to be as many patterns; their fabric selection was 1/3 of what it was; patterns were arranged in several different little groupings and not all one area; there was not as much finished eye candy to check out.....but alas progress.   I just hope it was my speed shopping that didn't allow me to enjoy the new digs.   I really hate when improvement does that.   Haven't you all had a favorite store or even restaurant that you loved only to have it loose it's appeal when it renovated?   Seems to loose its charm.   I will have to shop again when I am not in a hurry and not accompanied by a non-stitcher...........hmmm, me thinks that could have influenced me. 


Hazel said...

No such thing over here lol. I have to travel very far to get to the nearest LNS and the staff are that miserable that I don't like to stay long anyway. Online it is for me. x

Deb said...

Maybe it looks like less because the store is bigger. Hopefully things may just be packed up in the back and they'll bring more out.