Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why the shocker?

DWTS - The Hoff - Why is this being touted as a 'shocker' is beyond me.   I like David Hasslehoff but his performance was stiff and lacked the skill and style some of the other performed demonstrated.  I have seen him and he has 'moves' in commericials, etc.   Perhaps he could have refined and polished with more practice.  People are getting more serious about keeping the skilled dancers versus the keeping a fan favorite.  I think the skill level just continues to elevate each year.   Who to watch......hmmmmm.....any of them is miles better than I could ever be! 

Oops!  A second shocker......too much playing this a little into the Halloween season with my colors......will need to tone them down a bit tonight.  !SCARY!


kmaurer said...

I couldn't figure out the 'shocking' bit either. I certainly wasn't shocked.

Sherry said...

I like the color changes - just did something very similiar on my blog! Love autumn!!!

Jodie said...

Ya know what's really shocking? The fact that Florence Henderson is 76 and has those awesome legs! She's my pick in our pool! Of course, Jennifer Grey was already taken :-P