Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Assembled

IKEA -  ahhhhhh!    Except I forgot that shopping with Mr. W. is  ~~ straight to what you want ~~ straight to the check out ~~ straight home and no dauddling.   But alas, all is good.   I didn't get the kitchen island I had in mind because I think Mr. W. was having sticker shock.  I settled on a smaller one that is absolutely perfect.   It is kind of like that Christmas tree that expands exponetionally the second you bring it through the door.   Had I gotten the intended island, there would be no room to work around it.   And since I am always about multipurposing and thinking of how to re-use each peice I buy if I ever move, the smaller island AND the Expedit were the perfect choice.

I still need to sort and stack and pack some things in the nifty boxes from IKEA.   Please don't mind the paint cans......seems I got distracted when I painted last year and never finished the trim.   A must do on the 'to-do' list in the near future. 

These open shelves are directly behind my chair when I am at the sewing machine and I have stacked my current (machine) sewing projects along with my mending.   Funny thing about the mending - some of the things have been in the pile so long they no longer are in style nor do they fit.   Cut that task in half with a quick sort. 

I worked at my new island workstation last night finishing up the first half of my hokey-pokey quilt top.  I sorted the sections of the fat quarter left from the first half and rearranged for the start of the second half which is cut and sewn at mirror image angles to the first half.   It was a joy to work at the counter height and not be bending over a rickety table. 

So much into the room finally coming to the vision of my mind's eye, I sewed the swag curtains that have been on the drawing board for a couple of years.   Tthe best part, they didn't cost me a cent.   The fabric is something I got when clearing out my mom's house after she passed away (in 1993!!!)  My mother had a sense of style and class about her and I saved the fabric knowing I wanted to do something with it.  The photo doesn't show you the real quality of the fabric.  It's a Waverly screen print.    I made and lined the swags but in typical Robin Fashion - I quickly hung them up without the proper rod or rod height.   When the weather warms, I plan to take down the rod, spray it with some flat black spray paint and remount is an inch or so lower and an inch or two outside the window frame.   Personally, I could live without curtains on my windows.   I love letting the outside in.   This window over my sewing machine is a north window so I don't get the blistering sun in it and since I live in a small town, I really don't care of people riding down the main street see me upstrairs sewing the night away!   I have enough fabric left to make a couple of chair cushions and some pillows that will help pull everything together.


Catherine said...

Love your new workstation and from teh sounds of it, you are really enjoying it so far!

Susan said...

I shouldn't have looked! Now I want an island, too!! This looks so efficient--what a great addition to your sewing room.

Christine said...

I'm having counter-envy right now! That piece you selected at IKEA is so perfect! And the curtains are beautiful. Congrats on a great job.

SparkCrafted said...

WOW! I love it!!!! Can't wait to come down and check it out soon!!!!!!

Jodie said...

Oooooh I'm drooling....I LOVE it all!!