Friday, January 28, 2011

How lucky can a girl get!

Yeah, the weekend and NOTHING scheduled!  I can't believe it.   No where to go, nothing that has to be done.   No schedule.   This could be classified as heavenly.......and then it got better.   Mr. W. was chatting about what our plans were for tomorrow and I just kind of snuck in there....."we could always take a ride to IKEA"......Mr. W. immediately said......"I've been thinking about going there."    He even wants to go early enough to shop and eat there.   Now this can only mean it was be 75 degrees out (the opposite of seeing snow in summer).   First, Mr. W. doesn't go out to eat; second Mr. W. doesn't voluntarily drive into the big city.    Now somehow I have to convince him we need to take his truck because I have have my eye on an Expedit and a kitchen island that I just have to have in my craft room!     Hopefully there will be some film at 11 tomorrow night showing the assemblage of items from a day trip to IKEA.   Love that store!  Those Swedish are so clever.


Kathy said...

Have fun shopping. :)

Kimmie said...

Have fun! i haven't been to Ikea is ages. My sister used to live within about 3 miles of one. We have quite a collection of stuff. LOL