Sunday, January 23, 2011

Those Mesh Bags

Kimmie left a comment on an earlier post when I raved about the mesh project bags.   I am sure most of you have seen them.  I love them and have them in all sizes.  

Yes, even the quilt fabric one is a mesh bag.

If you have them, you know that are really not mesh but instead a good grade of vinyl.  They just have that mesh design on them.   I like them so much better than a zip-lock style bag.   The zipper is so much easier and the vinyl is a thicker grade.   No holes in the corners of these bags!

A variety of sizes even for the larger patterns

And look, some crazy over achiever covered the mesh bag with fabric. 
This covered bag was part of a give-a-way at Celebrations in Nashua NH a few years back.


Kimmie said...

Thanks a much!!!!!!!!


Vikki said...

I have about 8 of these in all sizes. MaeAnn at Bush Mountain has them large with handles! love them!

Christine said...

Love love love my mesh bags! And now you have planted a seed that I can make them even cuter by attaching some quilted fabric. Thank you for that!

Siobhan said...

I love my project bags!

Nice BOM! Good luck with getting each month's done. I always started with the best of intentions and fizzled out so don't allow myself to do any more BOMs.

Stay warm!