Sunday, April 10, 2011

Strip Quilting

M first 6 blocks

I love how putting 4 squares together gives the visual of a larger square.

New fat quarters I bought with my list of what additional
 ones I need to get this week
I have been busy machine stitching up a storm.   In addition to my Block of the Month, I started a strip quilt.   Easy-Peasy and fast-fast-fast.   Here's the deal - you start with a 12 inch square of a base fabric.   I choose bleached muslim.  Next mark diagonally from corner to corner and marking off again a quarter inch off that center line.   Then you start stitching your strips.   Add a strip, press, add the next and so on.  These can be pre-cuts, any size, scraps and you just go.   For me, I am using 1930's retro fabrics, 2 inch pre-cut strips.    Well, like anything, I needed more strips.....oh no! an excuse to shop.    For my purposes, I am using 6 of each color collection and didn't think about that when I shopped this week on one lunch hour, so woo is me, I must shop again!   A friend at work has made the same quilt top using scraps from previous projects and her's has a total different look.  

Here's the nifty tool I picked up.   You place it at opposite corners and draw a line down each side and viola! your 1/4 inch seam lines are marked.

Such a cool way to use up scraps. I have starting making strips with any left-over bits of fabric I have.

Here is what I have accummulated already.   It will be fun to put these together and to remember the original project they were selected for. 

OK, another fundraiser I have to help run today!  Geez! Need to spread the wealth of work to some other committee members.   Don't you find it is always the same people that are the worker bees?    I need to sit on my hands and not feel quilty for not volunteering for EVERYTHING.   How's a girl supposed to get in stitching time otherwise???

Thanks for visitings.  I love your comments even if I don't always reply.  Have a great week all.


Sarah said...

Such pretty fabrics, I have never quilted but it is something I would love to do.......gotta get me a decent sewing machine first. These are so pretty.

Anna van Schurman said...

That yellow and blue square reminds me of a potholder I made my aunt for Christmas one year. My mom owned a quilt shop then and we got to play with the scraps. Reading your directions reminded me of my mother's instructions as I sewed those potholders up. :)

broc said...

I want a lesson on quilting, please!

Siobhan said...

I love those fabrics! Great idea for using up extra strings and strips of fabric.

diamondc said...

I am in awe of people who quilt you make it sound so easy I am going to try my hand at it.
The colors are so vibrant I love them all together so spring like.