Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh where have I been????

When the weather warms, I am drawn outside. I arrived home from a 5K to find this in my driveway. It's a good thing. Much better than picking 80 bags four or five at a time during lunch hour. I have managed to move about half of it so far.

Remember that ugly side garden, well here is it again, coming along. I want to plant a pink Dogwood in this area back toward the white Dogwood.  I'd really like to eliminate the sidewalk to no-where.   It used to go to a side entrance to the insurance office of the former owner.   Well many mortgage payments later and a few renuvations later, the door is walled over on the inside and is a wall in my walkin closet. 
 Here's another use for my rain boots.  They keep blowing over in the wind so I think I need to weight them down with some stones.   Behind them is the mess left from a bird trying to build a next on my front porch.
 These are incredible.   These are the wildflower seeds left over from the shower favors for my d-in-l's shower last summer.   Since this photo, they have grown another FOOT!  I see they are camoflaging my bird bath.

     So not much stitching going on for a few weeks but still good things happening.  Next to stitching, I love betting my hands into the soil.

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