Friday, May 20, 2011

A finish and just in time

No silly-heads! Not just in time for Halloween - Lo-Ween as we called it in our house.   A finish just in time for Retreat!   I made myself a promise that I would not 'buy' anything new unless I had one finish a month for 2011 completed.   And yeah!  as of 10 minutes ago I put the final little spider webby things on. 

This is Waxing Moons "Eat Drink and Be Scary".   I had it all kitted up and ready to purchase using 28 count and then I see it done over one on 40 count.   I never worked on 40 count and have to say I was pleasantly surprised.   This could be a new favorite count to work on.   See those cheaters?    4.0 strength!  No other way for my old eyes to manage this count.  I have to *sheepishly* say, this was a fun stitch that I enjoyed stitching and will take my ribbing from my friend Pat on the inside joke.

This finish is  just in time I have to pack for my semi-annual retreat in Ocean City MD with my Delaware Stitching Group.   A weekend of good friends, big white rockers on the ocean front porch, good food, lots of stitching and a cross stitch store next door.   What could be better?

Oops! Just realized this put me at only 4 finishes and not at 5 for 2011.  Boo Hiss.   I am so depressed at this that I may need retail therapy at say, a cross stitch store......again, I can justify this transgression......since I have no LNS and the fact that I have a coupe real close to finished and May is not over yet! 


Christina said...

What a fab Halloween finish and how brave to stitch it on 40ct - stitching on 40ct drives me insane!
Enjoy your retreat, I've only been to Ocean City once but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Melanie said...

Super cute!!!! :)

Karen said...

I'm sure if you hadn't taken the time to post your finish, you would have enough time to finish your 5th. So...I say you have earned the right to shop!

Love your finish....very cute.
Hope you have a great retreat!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Vikki said...

Love this piece, great job! I have it in my stash but trying not to start any new ones until some of these others are out of the way. I don't think I will venture to the 40ct. Your brave lol