Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stitching Progress

Well here is it.   These are some of my works in my rotation for the 2011 i-Challenge.  I have been still working on all projects but concentrating on two or three at a stretch  giving each a week or so at a time.   Once I got started on my rotation, it has become easier to stick with a project for more than a day.   It takes that long to reacquaint yourself with each project particulars.  Heaven knows there has been frogging - oops forgot it was over one or oops forgot this one uses one strand. Sew it goes......

LHN - Liberty

Not in my rotation but started this weekend.   It was a Laura Perin class at a recent EGA Meeting.

Praire Schooler Friendship Puzzle Purse - I think I will concentrate on this one because I am anxious to see it finish and folded.

LHS Needle and Thread

Lizze Kate's ABC's of Aging

Promise, no new starts while I continue my 2011 i-Challenge!  Better get stitching because I got a whole slew I am itching to start.......all good things come to those who wait......


SparkCrafted said...

you spelled liver wrong. HAHA!

Julie M said...

Love all your WIP's Robin! The colors on the Perin piece are beautiful! I struggle with rotation, always seem to get caught up in one piece and then ignore the other!