Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I found my DMC 815.....I subscribe to the philosophy that when you can't find something - stop looking and then it comes to you.   Well it worked and I have my #815.    But here's the rub....seems I must have substituted another color in place of the 815 and I couldn't match it to anything in my floss box......so you got, I frogged.   No worries, that'll teach me to not mark my patterns right away with any changes to the suggested fibers!  I am now further than I was before the big hunt for 815.

My approach to the Delaware Memorial Bridge.   The uprights are barely visible in the June haze.
So what do I pass on my way to work yesterday? The plane from the imfamous Miracle on the Hudson flight was parked at the base of the bridge I take for my daily commute. My pix is not too good since I was balancing the camera on the steering wheel and trying look straight ahead! Once at work, we followed the GPS tracker the moving company set up. Our office in right on I95 so we all gathered in the kitchen and watched the plane come down the road....it looked like a giant inch worm! and of course, we all cheered.   Three stories up, behind glass, like who did we think was going to hear us??

This pix was posted online by the News Journal.   This on the Delaware side of the bridge.
Now to the lack of stitching....I have been staining my deck a little each night.   The color is not the color I thought it was going to be but it is growing on me.   I am putting the stain on the decking with a brush but I think I will invest in a drop cloth (or two) and use the sprayer for the rail and all the spindles!   I will be glad when this job can be crossed off my list.   Yes, I should have started earlier but I travel alot in May which is good and bad.   Good fun/bad for letting the yard and home improvement projects add up. 

I am 98 months from retirement and COUNTING.   Oh to sew and paint and quilt and enjoy my yard and do whatever one wants all day/everyday!

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Peggy Lee said...

Wow! Your deck will be gorgeous when finished. My back wouldn't allow me to stain just one board. I vote for the sprayer too!
I've seen the arches to that bridge way too many times. Seeing that makes me so glad I'm home until this Fall when I must go back.
Sorry for the frogging!