Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Finish...

I can cross another i-Challenge off my list.   Here is Bless Beyond Measure from Blue Ribbon Designs.    I am loving it!  This will fast become a staple to my stitching bag.    I knew all along what fabric I was going to use to line the little pocket.   Of course, in true Robin fashion, I could not find it and was growing more frustrated looking in the same places over and over again.  Did I think it was going to just appear in one of my stacks?   Anyway, I picked a second choice and proceeded with finishing and I am happy with the result.    All the while I was finishing  I knew no sooner would I be done that I would *find* the fabric I was looking for somewhere safe.  Quick kudos to Belinda at Blue Ribbon Designs for her superb finishing directions. It made it a breeze to put it together.

This is the fabric I had in my mind I would use.
Fast forward to a visit with my sister. She was showing me her queen size strip quilt that I helped her get started ---sorry, no pixs----it is beautiful!----I'll work on her getting me a pix---- anyway, there it was....scraps of my fabric sewn into her quilt! Her quilt is mainly beiges, browns, olives, blacks and whites. One piece of black had a salmony kind of flower on it. I gave her the rest of my fat quarter to help make the flower pop.....and it did. Thanksfully, she had the quilt to show me or I would have spend a large portion of today looking in the same places 3, 4, 5 times knowing it was there! Haven't we all done that before?  

It is hard to get a good pix of the lucite 3 x 3 marker.

For today, I had hoped to finish the power washing on my desk but it is threatening storms so I am off to my sewing room. Oh drat, I have to sew and craft!  Darn it.  I am sew far behind on my Block of the Month club. Laugh will you! How can one get behind one a silly little block of the month? It is easy, trust me. I went amuck with the April block and had to start over. May is a bad crafting month since I spend 9 days away from home on two different trips. So come June 1st, I had not completed my June block. Between last weekend and this, I managed to get April reworked - both the class block and my 'sister' block.
My sister block in Civil War fabrics

April's class block

May's class block
    And am in the process of putting together my May blocks - both the class and mine.  .....then on to June's block(s)!


Merry said...

Love it!! Belinda's designs are awesome arent they? Love the quilt too!

Hazel said...

What a beautiful finished piece. Love it. x

Colleen said...

Awesome Blessed Beyond Measure, finish! Love Belinda's designs. I love your 3 Sisters w/Civil War fab. I can never get enough Civil War fabric!

Catherine said...

What pretty goodies!

Rebecca said...

Robin...your work is beautiful. I love cross stitch just wish I had more time to do it!

Now about WW and losing weight.

I went back and uploaded two pics on my blog. One before shot from DEC and one from last week. Losing weight is hard but I'm sooo glad I did it. I am committed to staying healthy and the side benefit is that I fell so good and now longer have a moon face. :)

You are precious. I just have to follow your bloggie now!


Jodie said...

Hey Robin, thanks for the comment! What did you just finish reading? I'm almost done my book as well haha....and like you, looking for the next one.

I've read 3 amazing books in the last month. The first was Born to Run by Christopher MacDougall which probably won't interest you if you're not a runner OR anthropology enthusiast haha!

But the other two...I highly reccommend! I'm reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins...start with the Hunger Games, then Catching Fire, and now I'm working on the final one, Mockingjay. They're really, really good. It's been a while since I've been so caught up in a book!

Talk soon :-)

Siobhan said...

What a sweet finish!! I love your blocks, too.

Pumpkin said...

What an adorable finish Robin! Congrats :o)

Rebecca said...

Robin...Just had to come back again and tell you that I blurt everything out too. :( ahhahahah My mom is more reserved than I am. But then...I figure there has to be some LIFE in our family somewhere. Me and my big mouth got it!

Love to you~