Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kids! Don't we all wonder sometimes if we got it right?

I mean seriously - babies came with no owners manual or instruction booklets.  A mom at 18, I didn't know very much.   I grew up with my children.  Making my own babyfood and doing real diapers!  That that doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? 

My approach to motherhood has been - in no particular order:
Love them    Keep them clean    Feed them    Enjoy them    Teach them    Learn from them    Scold them    Guide them    Counsel them    Cry for them    Cry because of them    Laugh with them    Laugh at them   Hurt for them    Be proud for them    Be proud because of them    Support them    Encourage them    Discipline them    Listen to them    and I could go on and on and well you get the picture.  

But somewhere along the line, you think....  Did I do it right?  Face it, we all have self doubt at times - if we gave the best advise at the time, handled the situation right, steered them on the right way, could I have done more......  Well, when a child can bring you to tears - in a best way - you know that you did good!  So a little bragging on my part but really just being a proud mom that I got a good kid!   Check out my daughter's post from yesterday.   I guess I will make sure I never miss a day of checking the blogs I follow.   I am so proud of who she grew up to be. 

Love you honey and can't wait to you come for the weekend.....there will be crafting, beverages, laughs and lots of love!  And maybe some sorting through the photo boxes for the mud babies pix!


Tracey said...

Awww so sweet! That is awesome. I hope one day my daughter says something like that about me. :)

Catherine said...

So sweet!! Happy birthday!

reader4519 said...

Happy Birthday, Robin. Sounds like you did a great job raising your daughter. Hope you had a fun day!

reader4519 said...

Happy Birthday, Robin. Your daughters blog was so sweet. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday from another "Mama at 18" =)

Siobhan said...

That is so sweet! Happy birthday!