Sunday, July 3, 2011

First half done and second half started

I am continuing with my 2011 i-Challenge picking up on the Williamsburg pinkeep. Kind of an appropriate stitch for this holiday weekend. It may not be red, white and blue but it is a kit I picked up in Williamsburg and what could be more American than Williamsburg?  I am resisting the urge to start something new.....I have a couple of new patterns that I really want to get my hands on but I am being firm.   I have two upcoming classes that are my driving force in keeping the resolve to not start anything new.  Afterall, two classes does mean two new projects.   yes, I admit, diagnosis - Crafters ADD - I have it.

This is the first half of the pinkeep - stitched up fast

My progress this morning on side two

With everyone away and me home alone, I was been able to sneak in more minutes here and there of stitching time.   I work in the yard a couple of hours - wash up and take a stitching break for a half hour and then back to the yard work.   I convince myself that I am pacing myself so as to not become overwhelmed by the heat and humidity.  Oh we crafters do have a way with justifying our time spent and money spent on stash.  Feels like a perfect life to me.


Ma Teakettle said...

A perfect life indeed! Your progress is amazing, it is just beautiful...and your stitching, Robin is always so perfect. Gorgeous!

Enjoy your time alone, and your routine sounds divine to me :)


Catherine said...

What a sweet pincushion!!
Love the "crafter's ADD" term!
Only 1/2 break?? Boy, you are being disiplined - I'd take at least and hour!

Anonymous said...


Pat said...

Your Quaker pincushion is going to be lovely.

Joy said...

"Perfect life"...stitching and gardening...Perfect!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching! Your pinkeep is going to be fantastic.

Enjoy your weekend!