Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the kids strike again

I guess they were wondering how long it would take me to notice what they did.   They do these things all the time to drive me batty except they think I became batty all on my own.  They actually believe that it was just a progression downhill and short trip from my earlier  Dingbat status  to Batty!   Oh contrair', they were right there in the car with me as my co-pilots on my ride to becoming Batty.

Many a time my son-in-law will turn all my bears upside down in the trunk they sit in because he thinks it is not right that a grown woman would dress her bears for holidays and seasons, let along even have a bear collection.   He could have a point.   I wish I could find the pix of all the bears in the trunk turned upside down with their 'bear' bottoms sticking up!   

So the pranks continue as with the baby-head.   The baby-head is a small baby head cut out of a magazine that mysteriously moves about from one senior picture to another.   If one child sees it they tell the others in feigned protest,  "eeeewwww, who gave me the baby head!"  and so it goes.
My son's Sr. pix w/o the baby head

and magically, someone has given him the baby head!

So why am I not surprised when across the yard I notice something is different.....    this  is a sled that I hang on the side of my husband's garage until winter when it is time to throw a wreath around it, hang skates from it and prop it up by the front door.   But something about it caught my eye from the deck.

What better place to put your bottle caps.   I think they actually must have contests between them guessing how long it will be before I notice these things.   This trick took about a week  and brang a big smile to my face.   Kids, gotta love them!

I decided I'm not moving them!  Maybe the bottle caps will become the outside version of  "Frank" another childhood pleasure.   Frank was a tiny Frankenberry magnet from the cereal box that  moved throughout the house for years.  Frank had to be 'hidden' in plain site.  Whoever found Frank would secretly move him to a  new spot and wait for the previous hider to realize he was gone and the hunt would begin.......there would be squeals whenever it was calmly announced at the dinner table that someone found Frank and had re-hidden him.  Up they would want to jump to start looking while the latest hider of Frank would smile and have seconds!

The "kids" are 35, 32 and 31 now.    The lesson to be learned.......remain a child at heart......I wonder where Frank is right now.....


Sherry :o) said...

I think that's cool. It's not just kids...although we have a reindeer thing that happens between us girls and my mom (my dad started it, we took it over and keep it up since he passed away).

My husband and I do something when the other is traveling while one stays home - a Fred Flintstone eraser from years ago cereal prize goes on the trip - usually in a pocket or sock.

SparkCrafted said...

holy CRAP! I forgot all about the bottle cap! I put it there because I didn't want to walk barefoot behind the garage and step in something yucky. I just had a good, long laugh about this!!!!