Saturday, August 13, 2011

Canvas Work

Here is my minimal progress on my Gay Ann Rogers piece. It is called - A Case for Color. So far, I am enjoying it even though I have not made much progress.

Whoever thought to sell little assorted packs of beads was a genius!  Just perfect for the little pizazz! 
  And I am happy to show off my new project bag.   This is a gift from my boss and his wife for my birthday last month.    He took quite a bit of ribbing after he announced it was one of Vera Bradley's newest patterns.   Hmmmm, he knew this why???  It is perfect to slip in my mesh project bag and carry my stitching things to guild meetings, retreats or to friends.
 And in true Dave and Mary form, they didn't stop at the bag......I got the eyeglass case (perfect for the cheaters), pencils (great to have around needlework - no pens allowed), a journal (for meeting and project notes) and more.   I am one lucky gal with all this loot.

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