Sunday, September 11, 2011


What more appropriate day to post my progress on my quilt.   This was my son's quilt from when he was 5 or 6 years old.   When he bought a queensize bed *mumble mumble* years ago, he asked me to remake it large enough to accommodate his larger bed.   Well as with all of us, one thing lead to another and this baby got shoved to the back of the closet.   I had managed to dis-assemble it from its backing and to remove the binding before storing is away.   Considering I didn't know what I was doing when I first assembled it, that I didn't know anything about rotary cutters, that I used a sheet to back it, used a Snoopy comforter as batting and tied in random locations ith DMC floss instead of quilting, it was a thing of beauty and a feeling of accomplishment when I finished in the 80' fast forward to present day, with better skills, more knowledge and an awesome machine, I am finally taking on the task of  making this larger.  

 The original quilt was the 4 x 4 squares - which I am seeing that I didn't exactly line up too smartly. I am in the process of adding borders to make it larger. I put the timer on and allowed myself only an hour and a half of sewing time this afternoon or heaven knows I'd be in my sewing room until the sunset tonight. I still need to add the darker blue on the top and bottom, I have another small border of the beige with blue stars and lastly, I am going to finishing with a binding of the darker blue. Please ignor the grass/weeds that need cutting.
   Here in the northeast after all the rain, our grass needs cutting over night!   On my list for the quilt show at Oaks/Philly Expo Center is to pick up the batting and a backing fabric!   Let's hope I stick to my shopping list and don't go crazy/overboard with purchases.  I am all for trying to help the economy but I am only one person!


SparkCrafted said...

That looks great! Rich will love it, for sure.

I wish I could join you at Oaks next week, but I really need to spend a weekend at home for a change. Plus, you know, less chance of buying stuff if I'm not exposed to all the lovely fabrics!

Lynn said...

Robin, you are amazing! You get more done in a day than 3 normal people and 10 women like me!

MoonBeam said...

Wow, it's beautiful. Nice post for today.

Marexstitch said...

This looks wonderful. My son is also fond his old handmade blankets. I may try this with one of his too. I also had re-used old blankets with newer tops because thats what was done. You did a grand job!

Tracey said...

This is so pretty! I wish I had time to learn how to quilt.