Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lawn Soldiers

The view from the stairs.   I plan to have the floors refinished and to get an area rug in the future.
I stitched very little this weekend and instead cleaned, and washed, and sorted, and stowed things.  My daughter and my son-in-law - the absolute most wonderful S-in-L of all times, yes, him, came down early Saturday and he proceeded to pull up my LR wall-to-wall carpet.  Heather and I left at 9 to go to my monthly guild meeting and we were home by 1 and he was DONE!   Not just done, but all task strips and staples, everything in trash bags and carpet cut in 3 ft sections and rolled done.   He is wonderful.   All that and I fear I caused his cyatica (sp??) to act up.   He was bearly moving this morning.  I was glad to get a text at 2:40 this afternoon that they made it home by way of a 50 minute motorcycle ride.   Poor Mikey, I hope he is feeling better tonight.  

And this home improvement project started something....of course.

No, Im not moving....but am trying to purge a bit here and there.
I created a cozy reading (or stitching) corner.

I gathered up all my Hoosier glassware to display on top of my Hoosier.   Oh my! 
I didn't know I had so many.   I guess I'd better stop collecting them.
It is a good feeling but I am pooped!  I sorted my dry sink, my Hoosier cabinet, and rearranged knick-knacks and furniture after washing all the walls.   I mean since I was running amuck with the mess so why not.   That cleaning and sorting spirit kept going today.   I brought down the half dozen or so boxes of stuff I have been collecting for a 'yard sale'.  Right, never going to happen.  However, I can inventory it and get it off to Goodwill.   I have the task of inventorying and packing it up on my list this week because I already recruited Mr. W. to help me with his truck next weekend so we can haul this stuff out of here once and for all.  I mean seriously, when you open the cabinet and can't remember ever, ever, never using something, why keep it? chuck it! or off to Goodwill.  Let someone else use it, enjoy it, or at least let it take up room in their cupboards!

The last of the deck furniture standing at the ready to march into the shed for the long cold winter.
So I moved to the outside this afternoon and packed up all the deck furniture.   The last of the chairs stood at attention while I got the shed keys so they could be stowed away for summer.   I am not as sad as I was about summer ending but rather I am now looking forward to sweatshirts and rustling leaves and hot cider and somewhere in there, some stitching time.


ohiofarmgirl said...

I need to be doing that exact thing. I have so much to do but I need to start with the outside so when the rain gets here they will not get drenched. Dianntha

Susan said...

I must really be a stitcher. I was much more interested in trying to figure out what stitched pieces are on your walls than looking at the furniture and floor.

I've been trying to purge as well. If I'm in doubt about an item, I ask myself whether I would take it with me if we moved. If the answer is "no", it goes.

Catherine said...

Oh my you've been busy! I need to do much if the same once the boys are done with baseball!

Measi said...

My husband and I are doing a lot of the same thing this weekend. In our case, it seems to be mostly revolving around clothes, linens, and towels. I swear cloth buds off new pieces of cloth because I do NOT remember buying all of this!

Pat said...

The room looks much bigger with the furniture this way. And I love your stitching corner. Congrats on getting it done!

Pumpkin said...

Boy, you've been a cleaning and organizing machine! Do you want to come over and go through my house? LOL!