Sunday, October 16, 2011

A bit of this and that

In no particular order, first the weather this weekend has been awesome.   Yesterday was crisp and breezy and I love breezy days.   The sheets that hung on the line smelled so good when I got into bed last night.    Before heading to bed I sat by the outside fire pit with a glass of wine and read.  Another great smell,  the smell of a campfire on my clothes and in my hair.   Love it!  I finished The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and started The Grove. The Hotel was a quick read and a character study.  The Grove on the other hand has me NOT wanting to turn the page for fear of what will happen to Dex if he keeps listening to the 'voices' in his head.  Kind of like when I watch a gory movie and hold my hand up to hide the TV screen. 

Yesteray also saw Mr. W. and I take no less than 15 boxes to Goodwill and I picked up a stained glass window.  I will take a pix to post when the sun is shining through it and not during the dark of night like it is now.  I cleaned and rearranged the attic when we got home.   A good job done......all my son's stuff has been relocated to one section for him to give me a thumbs up or thumbs down on the next time he is home. 

Today, I went to The Dump for the first time and bought an area rug for my newly exposed living room floor.   I spent more than I thought I would but still got a rug  for a lot less than I would have if I went to a regular store.   I need to trim the padding a bit or adjust the carpet a wasn't easy moving this back and forth by myself so I left it a bit askew.

I ordered an extra set of stretcher bars for my scroll frame and they arrived Friday.  I was happy to mount one of my iChallenge Crazy 15 projects on it.   I mounted My Stitching Treasures by Jeannette Douglas and put a little work in on it this weekend.  I think I want to order more!!! I am tasking myself to complete a motif on JD/MST and then move to a different WIP.  This weekend I did the basket and the satin stitches of the border.   I don't know about you guys but doing borders seem to take forever. So I thought if I did it as I went it wouldn't be that painful.

This afternoon, I decided to make some homemade salsa - yummo!  Next time I will make sure I wear gloves.   I cut the peppers in half and scraped the seeds out under running water but apparently I got some of that darling oil from the peppers on my thumb and under the thumbnail.   Ye-ow!  I have washed my hands a half dozen times; I have soaked  my fingertips in milk, I have made a paste of baking soda and scrubbed my fingertips, I searched the internet for I am trying clorox cleanup or similar or maybe rubbing alcohol followed by a benedryl cream application to cut the pepper oils.   For sure if I make salsa again I will wear gloves!  **UPDATE**WINDEX!  Windex took the pain away.  OMG!  Just like My Big Fat Greek Wedding!  I don't know why I thought to try it.
And why such a dainty amount....this week I joined Weight Watchers at work.   This new Points Plus is a bit more compliclated but I know WW works if you stick to the program.    I need to make it work for me. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful start and a comfy living area. I like it.

Catherine said...

Your salsa looks great! But ouch on the peppers and your hands!

ABCD went in the mail today!! Enjoy!!

Siobhan said...

I'm laughing at the image of you squiring Windex at your fingers! I'm glad that worked! The salsa looks ohhhhh so good.

Love your sitting area!