Sunday, October 30, 2011

End of October

I, for one, am glad October is ending.   It has been a busy and sometimes stressful month as my calendar will attest to.   Not much stitching going on.
I  - true to form - have started yet another copy of projects before finishing already WIP's but alas, I resisted through August before I strayed from my resolve and if I rationalize class pieces as not counting than it is not too bad. 

 First up I have been selected to do La-D-D's ABCD in Peg of Kentucky Sampler's Traveling Pattern. It *could* be a fast stitch if I *could* dedicate some serious stitching time. The pattern comes with a journal that the previous stitches write about their choices of fabric and floss and stitching experience before they pass the pattern and journal to the next person.
 Fun fun fun to read what previous stitchers have written but intimidating to me how quickly some have turned around the pattern....not so for me.  It will be my focus this week between meetings and obligations. 

 Last weekend saw my BFF and I in New Hope PA for four days of R & R. Leisure lunch at the Full Moon Cafe in Lambertville NJ and awesome dinner at the Blue Tortilla the next night and a ghost tour of New Hope one night. Peddler's Village was fun and all decorated for Halloween. 

 Two very important aspects - evening and morning beverages.    No hotel coffee pot for us!  Deb brings her own Mr. Coffee on all trips and sets that puppy to start at 6 -6:30 for that first cup of brew.
 So, this weekend, several of us ventured up the Northeast Extension to the Lehigh Valley EGA class with Catherine Theron. What a nice class and we have been looking forward to this for several months. How we crafters don't let a little old nor'easter keep us from our passion.

 Overnight bags were packed  *just in case* we needed to get a room at the Hampton Inn.   Fortunately Catherine excelerated the class so we could get out of dodge early.   I have to admit, near white out conditions and no plowing and trees across the road of the two-lane, no shoulder turnpike was a bit forboding.  Oh and basically 50 miles between exits too.  All was well for most of the ride since there were virtually no other vehicles except, Peggy Sue - my Pruis, on the road.   Obviously we made it without incident and it only took us about 45 minutes longer than it did to get there.   While the snow was beautiful, it was scary with all the trees down in Bethlehem PA and on the road to Allentown and then the NE Ext to Philadelphia.     
This is  the scissors minder from the class.     It's finished but not finished as we all understand.  Catherine was great and we hope we will be able to bring her to DVHSG next year to teach a companion piece.
So for now, swtiching out summer and winter clothes in my closest the rest of the day and attack to my mountain of volunteer paperwork in on my agenda.

And most important - I have been keeping up with the exercising and even took a yoga class this week.   Weigh in at Weight Watchers saw a 5 lb loss the first week and a 0.04 lb gain the second week.   Everyone tried to be encouraging the 0.04 was really nothing but I'd sure count it if it were a loss.   Lost count of points and too much alcohol when I was away - I mean 1 or 2 drinks a night is not too much UNLESS you are dieting.   Back on the plan this week and hope to report a minus after this week's weigh in on Wednesday. 


Kajsa said...

How pretty! The new start is beautiful too.

Catherine said...

Love the color you chose for the ABCD!!
Your time away sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

What did you do!?,!?. Stay up all night stitching???

Looks great.


Nancy said...

Love your work on ABCD so far! It has been such fun seeing everyone's creativity on this project! Glad you had a fun getaway and made it safely home!

Virpi said...

Your stitching looks great. Thanks to that travelling pattern I found you and now you have a new reader =D

Peggy Lee said...

I really like your choice in thread for ABCD. You'll have it done in no time and passed on to the next stitcher on the list!