Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIPocalypse January Status

Where I was when I uncovered this piece.

I've had my share of Frogging!
Well here you go.    I have been concentrating my efforts on mainly two of my WIP's in the WIPocalypse Challenge.   I have posted before and after pictures showing my status since I sorted through the basket and lined up my WIP projects.   

Progress as of Jan. 9th
First, The Petit Sampling Etui, a collaborative and limited edition design.   I have only the top section to complete the stitching on and then on to the finishing itself.   I worked last night for a couple of hours 'prepping' the parts.  I plan to complete the stitching and start the assembly this weekend.   Maybe, just maybe, by next month's WIP post, I can show a finished finish. 

I am hoping this MESS will lead to an ease of finishing.   (Well, one can hope!)

Status at start

Status - January 9th

The Sheltering Tree is the other piece I have been devoting my stitching time to.   I just love the feel of the floss I am using for this one.   Again, I am posting before and after pix.   Now that I have concentrated my efforts, this has come along quickly.  Once I get my Etui completed, I think it should take no time to finish this one up!   Yeah!  Thanks Measi for the prodding!
Good Morning Friend!


Siobhan said...

Nice progress on your WIPs!

butterfly said...

Wow all your stitching is looking lovely Robin.

Catherine said...

You've been busy! I have Sheltering Tree started, but quickly lost interest, I think it was the fabric. I may have to restart it!

cucki said...

very beautiful projects..and great progress on both of them..keep it up..
love for you cucki xx

Ziggyeor said...

Great projects! Can't wait to see more progress on the tree.

Joysze said...

Great progress on your WIPs. :D

Sherry :o) said...

wow - are you making progress or what! What is the floss on your "tree" that you are loving?