Monday, January 16, 2012

The plants may not be watered but

I do have finishes to share!  My first couple for the year and two off my WIP list.    First and foremost, a stitching weekend with friends.   We had a very nice time, good food, lovely room, a few drinkings and a happy hour all crammed in and amongst the 4 day stitching excursion.

In no particular order - I finished Tequila Sunrise, a canvas piece by Laura Perin. It was first canvas piece I did and was part of a EGA SAL at my guild. I am not really sure what I will do with it. It is not my colors or taste but it was the technique I went for.

My next finish is a little embroidery piece. This kit I picked up at the Homestead in Dresden OH when I went on a bus trip to Longaberger about 5 years ago. I tossed it aside because the piece was not squared on the muslin and I got all dejected. Then when I came across when sorting out all my WIP's, I figured, what the hey! I can make it into a polllow and all will be well. I even snagged a few fat quarters at a quilt shop that we stopped in on our way home and think I found a good one to use for finishing.

A Basket of Blooms

The Fat Quarters I didn't need but.......
 I did get quite a bit completed on my Etui finishing. I am keeping track of my hours and so far I am at about 10 for the finishing. I also worked on the top (and my final section to complete) and have managed to stitched all but a little more that one side of the outer border.

I wish I had been able to complete more prep work before I left for the weekend but alas.....the more important step was taken.......the step of bravery to attempt the finish on my own!
So next, a complete diversion - a new craft - hexagons for a hexagon quilt.   These puppies are additive.  The concept is the same as paper piecing but because these templates are Mylar, they make the folding and stitching easier.

Sorry for the sideways pic

Here are the plastic templates you use and re-use

Covering and joining these took about an hour and I can do this while riding in the car.

Here's the back of the above.   Once all sides are stitched to another, you pop out the template and cover and use again. 
Lastly, I worked on my Queen Bee Accessories from the Catherine Theron class I took in the fall.   The stitches are varied and fun.   At least I say that now....I haven't started the bullion roses.   Pat, one of my stitching pals, worked on them this week.  Her work is beautiful but it was not without the rest of us hearing her talk to herself while she did them!
Oops!  I guess we need to stand on our heads to read the words.

Buttonhole flower
The gals in my room all had a productive weekend.  Stacy - the super stitcher - started and finished 3 or 4 smalls.   Carol stitched away on a couple of projects as well as knitted up 2, maybe 3 scarves.  And Pat was satisfied with accomplishing her goal of the outside portion of Catherine Theron's Queen Bee accessories so much so she started a new project!  So now, back at home and reality.   The suitcase is unpacked, two loads of laundry done and I am making a big pot of soup for Mr. W. as well as some homemade rice pudding for him and need to be watering my thirsty plants.


Teresa S. said...

I am watching in great admiration as you finish the Petite Sampling Etui!! I have only 1 side finished stitching, but hope to finish the rest this year.

Also love the Queen Bee project. I hope to be able to stitch a Catherine Theron sampler one day. (if she ever makes it out to the Pacific NW!! :)

cucki said...

hello dear, wow i love your stitching and embroidery work so much..congratulations for the lovely finishes..everything is looking so beautiful..well done..
sending you big you can water your plants stitchers are really very sweet people..
love and hugs
cucki x

Peggy Lee said...

Love your work so far.

Penny said...

Some lovely finishes!
I agree with you - hexagons are definitely addicting. :D You've chosen some lovely fabrics!

Anonymous said...

Robin, I have a question. You know I don't sew but the quilt templates is that something I could do with no machine sewing? If so could you show me how in April? I just love all the quilting stuff you guys are doing. Since you said you could do them in the car that was a big clue - no machine (LOL). Thanks Diane H.

Joysze said...

Beautifully finishes, Robin. Love the buttonhole flower. :D

Ellen said...

Keep up your great work, Robin, on the Petite Sampling Etui. I loved seeing your progress. Not much more to go.

Clara said...

Definitely love all your works, and the tequila sunrise is so......particular for its colors and the technique. Can you tell me where I can find it? .......and..... you're right..... the hexies are so addictive!!!! Take care, Clara.