Saturday, May 19, 2012

Baked, with butter and sour cream

More catching up -

Gardening and plants

I moved my house plants outside much to the delight of Mr. W.    Several spend the winter hanging from an old ladder that I have spanned across beams in my family room.   I guess I can understand how he might feel like we live in a jungle.

Now they are outside.....Spidey, for example, moved into my current house with me.  Settlement was 4/1/1982.   That spider plant is 30 years old!

Gus 1 and 2, the asparagus fern ~may~ be that old too.   I guess one reason I have acculummated so much stuff, is that I take care of it...or at least sometimes.   Take last night I refused to just throw our my Ortho sprayer because I knew I could take it apart and fix it.  I really hate the throw away society. I messed with it for about a half hour, got it to work, only now it doesn't stop spraying or leaking.   Not a good thing when you are pressurizing with weed killer for the sidewalk cracks.   I guess I will bite the bullet and head to Tractor Supply and put out the $20 for a new one or then again, maybe I will tackle it again later today.  
Daisies, do I have daisies!    And since this photo, the coreopsis have bloomed.   The black-eyed susans are not far behind.
There are really deep deep purple siberian iris

Aren't I optimistic with my produce basket....and in typical Bull in a China Shop Robin idea was not well thought out.   I had more plants than space in my garden and had to put one pepper and one cherry tomato to pots next to my garden.

Stitching and Sewing
I kind of looked around and with all the traveling and I seemed to have stitching stuff all over the place.    Last weekend as I cleaned the house, I gathered it all into an accumulated a pile 'o mess with patterns and projects to my stitching area to be sorted and put away.   The real trigger was a near empty frog that made me realize I needed to gather, sort and put away. 

Not that is much scissors, seam rippers, nail file and clippers right  by my side  when I stitch.
In my continued quest to knock some UFO's off my list, I picked up The Sheltering Tree.   It is coming along so quickly makes me wonder what diversion side tracked me.
Not sure it I will frame it or make a pillow out of it.

The ever present squirrel theme!

I picked up this Moda fabric.  
I have planned for a baby quilt....for a new nephew!

I also picked up this cool fabric for a another new nephew.   I used a new to me pattern earlier this year for a baby quilt and this will be perfect.  I just might have to start today!
His daddy is a heavy equipment operator so the trucks are more than perfect.

Exercise and Potatoes
We had the benefit of personal trainers come to work for women's strength training.   What a perk.   $3 each session/two sessions per week for 10 weeks.   Well let me tell you, after two days I was so sore I needed to use the handicap bars in the bathroom stall!   I know I am out of shape and will ashamedly admit that I have gained 30 pounds since I started at this job which was 12 years ago.   ARGH!   These trainers talked of buns of steel as I laid there, heart beating in my eye balls with my buns of meals!   What, six pack abs?   No abs of flab!   I was really taken aback by the smack in the face that although I may be 'active', I am certainly less fit then I imagined I was and then realized I had 15 years at minimum on all the other girls in the class and I kept up.....but alas, I did not continue after the first two classes.   The session ends up taking two hours from the time you leave your desk and return to it.  So maybe it is a cop out but I can't just walk away from dealing with the officers for two hours in the middle of the day.   ....Oh, you need that $20M contract notarized, scanned, copied, fed ex'd and emailed to Denver?   Let me just go roll around the floor for two hours and sweat first....   I did take away some good weight lifting tips for hand weights and had added that to my morning routine to try to reduce the wing-span wiggle of the arms.

Continuing with my potato theme (which I don't know where it is coming from or why) but just give me both butter and sour cream on my baked potato and let me do my thing in the yard, on the treadmill and maybe I will think about buy a bike for peddling around this summer.  


Christine said...

Sooo understand the pain of those 2 workouts!

Your stitching is all beautiful but also wanted to add that I love the birdhouses above your living room!

Lynn said...

Robin, a few years ago we replaced flowers in containers with peppers and cherry tomatoes in the same containers and we love it! Peppers are very attractive plants and our cherry tomatoes do very well! Love your house pictures and your yard is gorgeous!