Monday, May 21, 2012

Put your potatoes in the right size bag

Weekend Yardwork 
I have two finishes to be happy about.   Last year I got this brilliant idea to change the lines of one of my gardens and like so many times, halfway through, it got hot, and I lost interest.  This weekend I finished it up and am pleased with the final(ly) result.  
This is the side yard early (March 2011) last spring.

I got this far last spring before I got myself sidetracked.

And now.....ta-da....I feel like this side of the yard finally matches the rest of the front yard.

There's a nasty root between the mulch and the grass that I need taken out.  

My transplanted hostas look kind of sad but there are TONS more I can split and move if these don't make it.

The view from my sidewalk to nowhere.  I hope to have this sidewalk removed next spring.
After all that yard work, I put away the tools early and showered up to take it easy the rest of the afternoon.  I followed it up with a date with the captain.   Captain Morgan that is and a little pepsi on ice.  Ahhhhh.

Stitching Finish
On the stitching front, I finished The Sheltering Tree.   This was part of the Crazy January 2011 Challenge where we started a new project every day for the first 15 days of the year.   Now that this is done......which one of my UFO's will I tackle?  I am going to have fun digging through my basket of partially completed project to pick a new one to complete.

Of course, the squirrels are what attracted me this pattern.

Started January 2011, Finished May 2012
28 Ct Jobelan in Chai Tea stitched with Belle Soie Miss Green Jeans.  The Belle Soie is a guilty indulgence.
Girls Day Out
I spent Saturday with my sister.  As sisters will do...we laughed, we shopped, we giggled, we ate, we traded ideas, we offered opinions and we had a great time laughing at ourselves.  She sent me home with a huge selection of fabric that she shared.    More on that and the perfect fabrics I picked up for quilt I want to make for her grandson, Billy Blue Eyes.

Here's more purchases from my recent trip to Salem, Massachusetts.    Where else but Salem, MA would you find Halloween tree ornaments?   I keep a pencil tree up year round and decorate it for the seasons.   I'd better get moving to get the spring flowers off and the red, white & blue on before Memorial Day!

Take me as I am
So I bit the bullet and bought the next size larger clothes.   This is something I have been fighting for a year with me and my Mr. M. T. Promises pledging to loose 10 pounds.  I keep getting people asking me if I lost weight.  ???  I guess I was looking like 10 lbs of potatoes (or something) shoved and lumpy in a 5 lb bag.  I will still continue my alternating days of treadmill and weight lifting even if pounds don't come off in an effort to be heart healthy!  Don't you just hate guys who tell you ....I lost my 10 lbs doing yard work.....jeez!

Happy stitching all and enjoy your week and stitch often!


Anonymous said...

Your hard work really looks nice. I my opinion it is very hard to kill hosta's. I have even just planted the loss roots from splinting them and the roots took with no leaves to help photosynthesis and those hosta's are huge now. My other key "secret" I like to think is that I water them with plant food to help them along in between the times it doesn't rain. It does wonders for them.
Love your challenge finish. Have fun with what comes next for you. Hope you had a great night with the Captain.

Chris said...

Hey Robin!
The garden looks great. Congratulations on finishing it.
I love your Sheltering Tree finish.
I love your Salem ornaments. I love Salem :)
Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Carol said...

Your garden is looking so pretty, Robin! We did a major overhaul of ours this year, too, and I'm feeling so much better about it... Also love your sheltering tree--what a perfect color thread you've used!

Deb said...

Your yard looks really nice. A lot of work, isn't it? But it's showing some great results.

Your Sheltering Tree looks wonderful!

Mylene said...

Great job on the garden, looks great. Love hosta's but we have lots of snails and they loves it!
Beautiful design you've finish, congrats!

Lynn said...

Robin, this year I'm experimenting with growing potatoes in a trash bag. When I read your title I thought, "oh no, I've used the wrong size bag"!, lol! You look great to me, no matter what size bag.

Catherine said...

Your gardens look great, doesn't it feel so good to get those projects done?
Sheltering Tree looks great. I had started this one last year and got frustrated after the frogs wouldn't go away. Perhaps I should try it again.

Sherry :o) said...

Sheltering Tree is really nice! I love it. Your yard work looks like you really made an improvement. I hate to garden but it sure looks great when you finish it up, it's almost worth the sweating, huffing and puffing I do. Your flowers (in previous post) are really pretty.