Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Need for immediate gratification!

This past weekend I had my monthly stitching guild meeting.   We usually have a speaker or program but departed from that for "Stash Reduction" opportunity and stitch in.  I somehow managed to come home with a few.  I had recently sorted my stash and but I didn't take any items to sell because *remember* I wasn't going to get anything.  I am saving what I weeded out of my own stash for an upcoming *giveaway* I want to run.   Before I left for the meeting I did vow to not get any more of things I don't need let alone start anything!   Well, we all know how that goes.......some of the goodies were just too sweet to pass up.
 Here's a look at one I couldn't leave without - Shepherd's Bush, "Land that I Love".  It was only a $1 and it was a complete, previously untouched kit.   SB does put together such nice kits.
 So needing that instant gratification and growing weary of stitching forever on larger pieces, I caved, without much resistance, and started this one on Sunday morning.   Easily justified that the 4th of July is approaching and it is time to be patriotic.   Never fear my international friends, SB includes diagrams for flags of Great Britain, Canada, Australia and France as well.
Sunday morning's start

My progress as of this morning
It is odd to be stitching on 18 ct. and one can stitch without using cheaters!  The fabric remains stiff and hopefully will soften during the week as I work with it.  I am enjoying how fast this is working up but not enjoying using three strands of floss.   I get that occasional one strand not pulling tight.  18ct. and 3 strands really chews up the floss.  But I am getting that instant gratification.   I think I even have the right frame in my stash from a thrift store purchase a few years ago.

This week I will get Mr. Wonderful out the door.   I have really been out of sorts with him and his getting ready to do.   All his clothes and luggage for the trip are spread about the living room and have been for 10 days.  (@)(!%*&%!!!)  I am no longer the obsessed Miss Neat that I used to be but seriously.  Each of the last few weekends he has been going to Drum Corp for the day/the afternoon/the evening/or overnight.   You pick it - I don't really know if he is coming or going until he arrives home but tour starts on Friday.   There is the normal anxiety.  And I will have a few sleepless night his first few nights away but then I will settle in.  There have been lots of last minute conference calls and notes entered into his 'travel' binder.  He has a huge responsibility as Logistics Coordinator to ensure each of the 5 buses has a team of drivers for the tour, as does an RV, a box truck and two tractors and trailers which will be transporting 160 kids/20 instructional staff/15 support staff/equipment all over the country for 8 weeks so I guess I should be a bit more tolerate.  As anal as I can be, I'd probably be worse than he is.   And a double whammy! My boss is out the door for two weeks on Friday.   I've got spazzing men on both sides of me......hurry up Saturday!

Mr. W's home away from home

Stowing some equipment.

Room with a view

I've done my share of pulling a trailer before but nothing like this!   I really respect his skill to manage this monster.   And guess what? He is having a ball doing it!   What's the difference between men and boys?   That's right, the size of the toys!
To all I wish a great week of summer stitching and to the Jersey Surf, happy trails on your way to World Finals in Indianapolis in August!


Denise said...

As silly as this is - I'm happy to hear you caved! The chart is cute and it was cheap! Good for you. Although 3 strands of floss does seem to be a bit of overkill on 18ct. lol

Your hubby can have the trip - definitely not something I'd want to do.

Chris said...

Hey Robin!
I love your new start. I would have picked it up and started right away too.
I hope that you survive the rest of the week. It is a big job prepping for a trip.
It looks amazing. I can't imagine driving one of those.

Mindi said...

You picked up quite a sweet deal for $1, I wouldn't be able to pass that up either. I have to agree with you about stitching with 3 strands, I don't even like using 2 strands.