Sunday, June 3, 2012

As luck would have it

when you tempt the fates.....I was on a mission of mercy the other night trying to find a freebie pattern that I thought would fit what Jodie was looking for. 
This was a freebie from a convention.   I scanned and emailed it to an appreciative Jodie!
I found it almost right away but it was inevitable since I was rooting around in the stash cabinet...... that I would be tempted......and I was.   In some things I have no will power.

So it goes, a momentary detour and a reward of a quick finish. This is "Stuck on You" by Just Another Button Company.   

It was the only item on my list when I went to retreat a couple of years back and I was not successful in finding it....that is until my basket was full and I was checking out.   There it was in my line of sight from  across the room  in some divine singular beam of light.  (really just a prism reflection)  It was meant to be.   Of course it was too late to put back all the things I had fallen in love with and just had to have.
Buttons and Marking Pins as well as heart shaped box were included in kit.

Now those are the kinds of calories I need to stick to!
This was fun to create and worked up so quick.   That's what I like....a start and finish in one afternoon!


Jennifer M. said...

Yum! They all look delicious enough to eat. ;)


Cathy Pavlovich said...

That is simply adorable. Well done!

Veronica said...

They look yummilicious enough to eat! You sure they're not actual chocolates? ^.^