Sunday, June 3, 2012

Speaking of Woodlawn

Each year there is a needlework competition at Woodlawn, in Alexandria, VA.   It is a month long display of all the submitted works.   It is well worth the $10 admission to stroll through this house that stands on property George Washington gave to his nephew upon his marriage.   The house was designed by the same architect who designed  George and Martha Washington's Mount Vernon home. Before urban sprawl and tree growth, you could see Mt. Vernon  from the back yard.   Also on site at Woodlawn is the Frank Lloyd Wright Pope-Leighty House.   A great contrast to Woodlawn built in 1800-1805 but worth the walk down the lane to visit.  

This year, the Woodlawn exhibit was delayed from its usual March exhibit due to window replacements being made at Woodlawn.  But it was worth the wait.  I bring up Woodlawn because my dear friend Theresa Baird, designed, stitched, entered and was awarded the Frank Lloyd Wright Achievement award for her original design, the Maryland Sampler.   Follow the link to a photo of the completed sampler.  
A Maryland Inspiration
Theresa is a treasure to know and have as a member of our guild.   Her designs are EXTRAORDINARY.   She will be marketing them soon.  Stayed tuned to her blog for more information and her other designs.  

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