Sunday, August 19, 2012

My needle is on fire

Everyone is posting less this time of year....myself included......must be like me....enjoying the outdoors and yard projects.   Here's a quick catch up of the last four weeks -
  • started and have finished 9 of 15 of my 15 sided biscournu
  • making progress on Heart of America
  • painted both sides of the 3 metal entry doors to Mr. W.'s garage - yuck, oil based paint
  • Mr. W got home (which disrupted everything! LOL.
  • signed up for a retreat in Ocean City MD in October
  • booked a cruise for January - me and Diane in Aruba!
  • weeded through my paperwork and the older household paperwork
  • working on setting up a Mr. W. friendly file system for the current files
  • read The Tea Rose
  • finished reading Little Women
  • read Out of Mormanism
  • started reading The Winter Rose
  • enjoying my vegetable garden which has morphed into an overgrown mess
  • made arrangments with a solar company for an estimate
  • dealing with MOLES in my backyard - anyone have a sure fired trick?
  • enjoying the pool
  • had a fabulous review from my boss (first one in 5 years! a review, that is, because of course it would be fabulous)
  • building up time and speed on the treadmill
  • trying to fathom what it would be like if Mr. W retires.  His Co. is rumored to be making one of those buy-out offers and he says with 39 1/2 years service he won't be able to pass it up.  (he'd better take up a hobby if he does - preferably gourmet
  • riding my bike
  • contemplating some online (or maybe local college) courses
Here's my stitching progress and a little aside.  I set a self-imposed goal to complete this by my EGA meeting in September to add it to the WIP Contest we are having.    I made the visual survey of the pattern thinking I will have to really push that needle to complete it.  
Only a week later when I  looked at the color pattern did I realize the alphabet at the bottom of the pattern was only for charting purposes.   Yeah!  Silly me, I had wrongly assumed it was like a sampler with the alphabet and numbers across the bottom.   I am so glad I made that incorrect assumption because now I have my needle on fire knowing  I can get this puppy moved to the finished column by the September meeting.

Number 9 of 15 biscournu squares.   This is my carry-along stitching project with most stitching done pool-side at work at lunchtime.  (Yes, we have a beautiful Olympic sized pool and gorgeous grounds in the back courtyard area of our campus for employees and their family.  Spoiled on all sides aren't I?)


Jennifer M. said...

You sure got a lot done these last 4 weeks. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your stitching progress.

Did I mention I am just green with jealousy that you are going on a cruise to Aruba? LOL


Ma Teakettle said...

You have been a busy girl this summer, Robin! I got tired reading your list :)
I love EGA WIP, and had to LOL as I have done the same thing myself, we sampler gals are a funny lot, but that aside it is just gorgeous and I adore your progress.
Your Biscornu is so pretty and delicate looking, I love the floss color.
You are spoiled, wow, can you swim at lunchtime as well? lucky :)

cucki said...

beautiful stitching..
happy stitching deary..
big hugs xx

Susan said...

Do you ever sleep? That's quite a list of accomplishments in the last month!

Next time I see you, I'll talk to you about having a husband who is retired. Have to say that his change in employment status has required some adjustment on my part.

Lynn said...

My husband has been retired for 10 years and I'm still adjusting!!!!

Anne said...

Wow! You really have hot needles in hand! Love your Sampler you are stitching. It's so pretty!