Sunday, August 12, 2012


We all have those triggers that signal the start or end of signal that summer is drawing to a close is Mr. W. will be back tomorrow.   For now he has arrived safe and sound to NJ after 700 miles from Indianapolis.  He will make the trip of the last hour home  tomorrow afternoon and then I will get to hear all the war stories.    The group he travels with  ended 20th in the world out of 50 to 60 drum corps and that is after the elimination of their division a couple of years back when they were bumped up to compete with the big boys.   Not a bad year.   The kids are happy and the director is pleased.   Now it is time for them to decompress!

Summer is drawing to a close.  Mr. W. will put the pool cover on before I know it!  And we will all settle in for those crisp fall days, crunching leaves under our footsteps and warm cups of cider.   Ahhh.  But wait, one last hooray!  I am off to a relaxing week in Virginia Beach with girlfriends after Labor Day.   Our hotel is on the boardwalk. I have never been to VA Beach and am so looking forward to it!    Stitching will be taken even if I will be with non-stitchers! as well as my Kindle to catch up on some reading while on the beach and it will be heaven.....

Here's what I have been working on.....I have 8 of the 15 sides to the biscournu completed.   I have to say I am surprised at how much FUN this really really is! 
I managed to get two sections done today while enjoying a beautiful afternoon and girl time in Philadelphia with my daughter.  It  needs to be completed by my October guild meeting and I see no problem with making the deadline.  
 (Thanks always told it was enjoyable.)   It is a challenge to plot the path in and out and I am enjoying that challenge!  

Also, been trying to make some progress on Heart of America from LHN.   I have it in my sites to be done by the end of August.....I will really need to make the needle fly from 5:30 to 6:30 each morning!  (If only there was a way to stitch and be on the treadmill....hmmmm.  Methinks that could only end in disaster.)     I am close and if I stitch on it exclusively....I can do it!

Lastly, Heather, my daughter, gave me this gem today.   Funny thing is I gave it to her years ago when a friend was moving and getting rid of full circle and back to me.   
I am going to get my LHN on it tonight to try it which will mean if it works my other frame will be open for my Ellen Chester Class piece.........promises not to start it until LHN Heart of America is done and ready for the framer.

Happy stitching all, enjoy your remaining days of summer and hopefully, in the near future, I will have another finish to share as well as a framed piece to share.


Lynn said...

Robin, I stole your picture of the blackwork! Now I have something to help me check my work; thank you!!

Jennifer M. said...

Love this LHN design. Can't wait to see it finished.


Chris said...

Beautiful progres Robin.
I am looking forward to fall!

Julie M said...

Beautiful Stitching Robin! I have Heart of America in my stash. One of these days I might even stitch it!