Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet my new boyfriend!

Here he is....................His name is Frank.   Isn't he cute?

He doesn't talk back.   He just hangs out around me and makes eyes at me.  He's the strong silent type.   My kind of guy.

I hope to do the finishing on the other two this evening.

I also did the finishing on  Spooky Tricks.   In normal fashion, I charged through without waiting until I had the 'proper' piece of Styrofoam cut and rather worked with what I have.  It's a bit lumpy and fortunately only together with pins so I can take it apart after Halloween and reassemble it in a neater fashion.  It still needs a box on the top.

On a serious note, we really lucked out around me as far as Hurricane Sandy is concerned.   There is some yard flooding and the typical roads that have flooded but I see no trees down around my neighborhood.  Original forecasts and updates all evening on Monday had me more than a wee bit nervous....didn't know what it would me to have the eye pass over me and kept anticipating those high damaging winds.   My fortune however can be seen all over the news as the misfortune of others.   The devastation they are showing is so painful to see.   Living in Jersey, everyone goes to the shore, we all know and love the ocean and the boards.   The boardwalk and beach are our backyard.  It is so hard to see the devastation to properties and to families lives, their homes and their livelihoods.   All I can say on the upside is that so far, it seems like the people of NJ have risen to the task.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy for the struggles they will face in the next few weeks and months.


Catherine said...

The perfect boyfriend!!
I feel very fortunate tonite that our damage was so minimal. My heart goes out to those that were more severely affected.

Parsley said...

Cute smalls.

Peggy Lee said...

The strong silent type are the best kind....and it helps that he's so handsome!

I have seen the devastation on the news and it breaks my heart. I'm glad you are OK.

Chris said...

So glad you guys weathered the storm ok.
Frank is a cutie. He sounds like the perfect boyfriend.
Your spooky tricks finishing is fabulous too.

Julie M said...

Glad you're safe Robin! Love your "spooky" stitching! Frank seems like a nice enough guy. Just take things slow, no need to rush!