Thursday, November 1, 2012


Like I don't have enough irons in the fire and am not completing any of them.....I am going to try the NAtional BLOg POsting MOuth Challenge.   Totally senseless I know as will be some of my posts.   I have seen posts about this in the past but actually happened across Dani's blog and thought I'd give it a whirl.
Strike up the band!
To kick off the month of daily blog posts, an announcement........I LOVE MR. DANIEL Xxxxxx of the Cincinnati office of the IRS.    After two years of gathering information, sorting 
through 25 years of completely unorganized paperwork, sending petitions, talking to different IRS workers in different offices getting different answers, waiting for responses, forwarding the requesting info, documenting everything, waiting some more, getting board approvals, sending things to the Attorney General's Office for recordation and then to Mr. Dan, we got our decision  .....reinstatement and a retroactive reinstatement to May 2010 I might add.  There is no lapse in our
non-profit status.

One of my dear little ladies commented, wasn't that nice they made it retroactive.    Well truth is, I wrote a sob-story about change of officers, lost paperwork, blah, blah, blah.   One of my phone calls with Mr. Dan....I was so excited to finally have a person I talked to more than once and we were actually speaking and not trading voice mails that I just gushed all over him.....poor guy, he was probably reading from a script, he had no sense of humor, and there was quite a bot of silence on the other end of the line.  He must have thought, just give this crazy woman what she is asking for and she will stop calling my office.   The end!

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