Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Got a question for you

This weekend with Mr. W. doing his computer updates, 
installs, etc. he prompted me to sort and organized all 
my photos.   Last time we synced my iPad to my laptop 
it duplicated my photos and I have something like 
4,800+ photos.   Remember 
those cardboard boxes of 
our younger days filed 
with family photos.....well
I kind of had that electronically.   

I have folders for Family, Friends, Holidays, Crafts, etc.  I managed to update, purge, rename and  reorganize folders into what makes logical sense (to me and not to Mr. W.)

So here's my question to dear fellow stitchers.    I have tons and tons and tons more of photos of projects in various stages of completion.   What do you do with your photos of WIP's once completed?   Do you keep all your progress pix or just the pix of the finished project with maybe one or two progress pix?   Since everything is digital and not like when you had to take the film to be developed, I snap away all the time.  Thank goodness for the digital cameras and not having to pay for a picture of the ground or my thumb.   It is not an issue of space on my systems, I have room.  It sure would make the electronic files cleaner if I were to keep only the pictures of the finished projects.  I am curious what others do.   Let me know!


Denise said...

I delete progress pictures after completing the piece. Unless it is something special. I print all pictures of completed pieces and keep an album with the name of the piece, date completed, and designer.

Anna van Schurman said...

I just keep the photos I post to the blog (a full-size copy on the hard drive) and finishes. The lesser photos, in theory, get tossed.

Teresa S. said...

I keep the in-progress pics until the project is complete. Then the in progress pics are deleted.

I do print my blog each year in book form. So the in-prgress pics are preserved in that.

Tracy J said...

Although I don't have quite that many photos, I recently went through my photos on my computer and got rid of some. Mine are organized by year. I have a folder called completed cross stitch and there are several folders in there with each year and each folder has all of the completed projects for that year with all of the wip photos as well. I just recently got rid of everything before 2009. Also, keep in mind if you have the same photos on a blog or online album you can always recover a photo that is no longer on your computer that way.

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Since I have only started taking and keeping photes of my WIP's I have everything. I will probably go thru and purge the WIP photos and only keep the finished ones. But like everything else, that is on the back burner so I can keep stitching. lol

Susan said...

Robin, I delete the photos of my WIPs and just keep the ones of the finished projects. Guess I just figure that once the piece is done, I don't need reminders of my usually slow progress.

Magical Mysterytour said...

I have not deleted any of my WIP photo's - not because I planned to keep them but because I haven't gotten round to doing anything about them and well.. till I'm desperate for more hard drive space I probably won't deal with them either unless my hard drive dies on me before I can rescue the photo's.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I put all my WIP photos in a separate folder called WIPs!! I ought to delete them but never get a round tuit!