Monday, June 2, 2014

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

That is how I am proceeding with Grace Mason.  Just trudging along. Of course I had to go out of order to stitch down the side so I could stitch the bottom border.  It gives me site of the finish line.  I have been trying to spend my evenings outside getting the deck, pool and yard in order so I have been stitching early a.m. before work and at lunchtime at work.

The single stitch dividing lines are EZ-PZ to do at work.  Just need to take a needle and floss and of course cheaters!  I have a ~secret~ date in mind as a deadline but don't want to jinx myself. Considering how far I have come since April, I think I can meet that deadline and there will surely be fireworks heard throughout the land when I do.....

I am saving the section between the baskets until last.    Some of the other stitchers have stitched it as charted, some are personalizing or adding their own verse.    I am waivering between stitching as charted or added two more baskets to complete the row.

I am trudging along with my around the house to-do list but I can report being able to cross a couple or three things off that overwhelming list of mine.   I have been working on created new habits for me too.  Usually I get home from work mentally exhausted and just flop on the couch with a good friend (my stitching).   I have really pushing to not sit down when I get in and rather do things in and around the house.  So, the guest room completely done.  All painted, floor scrubbed, woodwork wiped down and windows washed!  Whew!  Two pesky little tasks remain in that room but I need a handyman for them.   

And that my friends is the secret to accomplishing the tasks - know when to hold 'em and know when to call in reinforcements.   I've managed to hire a painter for my living/kitchen/hallway paint job!   I have contacted 3, yes THREE, different floor refinishers so far without luck.  Two have phone numbers or emails that are no longer working and the third, (even though his ad says serves all of New Jersey, he doesn't do south Jersey).  Maybe it is a dying art with more people putting in laminates.  Maybe I should cover the nasty hardwood with laminate?

Flower beds are weeded and mulched.  Pots are planted and ready to arrange on my deck. Power washing is done.  Started wire  brushing, priming and painting my pergola.  Boy is this going to take longer than I expected.   Seems to be a habit of mine --- not appreciating the proper time for any given task.  I am putting off refinishing the wrought iron chairs - maybe fall, maybe next year. Mr. W. says just buy new; I say take care of what you have.  I now realize why Mr. W. has no interest in moving in to a 55 Plus community.   He has a maintenance person - ME!   Oh it goes.    If I wasn't putzing around the house or yard I'd surely be spending money!   So I will keep plodding along an hour or two each evening and before you know it, jobs will be done and I will be enjoying the world rush by from my deck while having a beverage!


cucki said...

Wow it's looking so pretty
Hugs x

Robin said...

Great progress on Grace! It sounds like you have gotten quite a bit accomplished from your list! Good for you!

Have a marvelous day!

Robin in Virginia

Penny said...

What a gorgeous sampler! I feel tired just reading about all you have been busy with. :)

Anonymous said...

Grace is just stunning!!! As is the Jeannette Douglas sampler you just had framed.
We're on the same page with the plodding along. I came to that conclusion last week...slow and steady. I seem to get a lot more done that way.
Shirley in CT.

Blu said...

Grace Mason is looking lovely.

Brigitte said...

You have been so busy doing all the yard work and work in your guest room and stitching. But you must be so pleased by the result. That sampler looks gorgeous.

Susan said...

Robin, remember it's the journey, not the race! I think I need to hire you to cone to my house! Looking back, I got much more done around here when I was working. Now I find too many other fun thins to do and keep putting off those maintenance chores.

Andrea said...

Your stitching looks wonderful.